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Longevity Power creates powerful superfood and herbal extract formulas with uncompromised quality to genuinely make a big difference in the health* and wellness of our customers while setting the organic and green standard in the wellness industry.


Christian Bates, Founder & Formulator of Longevity Power

1 part eco lifestyle geek + 2 parts herbal-superfood formulation genius + 1 part organic gourmet chef + heavy dash of superhero = Christian Bates

About Us

“I love to show people in detail how to add in conscious lifestyle practices and then – on top of that – delivering to people products like Longevity in a Bottle.” -Christian

Christian was born and raised in Marin County, CA. Before dabbling into conscious organic foods and herbs, Christian went through public high school. He started at Tam High 50 pounds overweight and one of the shortest boys in his class. However by his junior year, he had lost 50 pounds in six months by “eating less of my San Francisco sourdough bread addiction and biking every weekend,” and gained a few inches in height as well. He then got very depressed and lost the will to deal with high school expectations and stress, and for many long moments, lost the will to live.

However, by senior year, he had begun to add in yoga, his first herb ginseng, an assortment of green superfood powders, and a mostly organic vegan diet into his life and began to find his passion for living again. He began to discover himself and his mission to the world. He delved deep into conscious nutrition by Easter 2003 and made superfood Easter ‘eggs’ and other organic, herbal, wholesome desserts.

He then traveled to Olympia, WA to spend four years at The Evergreen State College, catered for Organic Food and Permaculture retreats, taught hot yoga, and earned a BA in nutrition and fitness. Christian partnered with Yogi Suzi and Ancient Sun to create the WildBar, a superfood cacao bar that has been on natural food stores’ shelves nationally for four years. “The WildBar is exactly what I like to teach people, how to eat and live in a way that is both completely delicious, really fun and densely healthful!”
About Us

After graduating in 2007, he delved deeper into daily practices of consuming herbs, wild foods, and other ancestral foods. He found that many of his favorite herbs – the tonic herbs – were too rare and hard to use to be practical for most people at the time, yet crucial for just about every body’s health. After years of sourcing these nutritional gems, he launched Longevity Power in 2012. Longevity Power creates “powerful superfood and herbal extract formulas with uncompromised quality to genuinely make a big difference in the health and wellness of our customers while setting the organic and green standard in the wellness industry.”

Christian lives a full life as the man behind Longevity Power and is a highly engaged & knowledgeable speaker as well as a healthy role model for men and women of all ages. Keep up with him as he lays out “the most uncompromised, highest quality, results-driven, outrageously fun conscious food lifestyle education ever!”

P.S. See Christian’s Before & After pics in HD + a video about his transformational story HERE!


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are for informational and educational use only. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, should consult with their holistic physician before using these or any nutritional products.

14 Responses to “About Us”

  • Jay lape:

    Obviously, your depression has gone away.

  • Jay lape:

    Obviously, like to eat well I prefer to be flexible and take lots of Chinese herbal tonics

  • Shannon Griffith:

    Glad I found you through the liferegenerator. I hope to order some of your herbs in the near future!

  • Jennifer:

    Would love to see a possible product with it all mixed already and you just add it to your water…..

  • Samantha:

    We just saw you on the LifeRegenerator and you totally rocked~ so excited to have found your products!! **Namaste**

  • Sharon Berman:

    Hi Christian. Nice to see you at the Longevity Now conference. (I pegged you as my former yoga teacher.)

    I was wondering if I can put the Hu Shou Wu in hot beverages like coffee? I find it’s hard to get it dissolved in cold water, unless you have some tricks? Thanks


    • Hi Sharon!

      So great to see you again. Glow He Shou Wu dissolves instantly in cold water in a blender, and instantly by spoon in hot water like coffee. Hot beverages won’t hurt it as it is already a hot water extract. Enjoy!


  • Susie:

    Hi Christian, Just got your e-mail saying us customers can reach out to you. Great! I have to get my brain on fire, really get it running for peak performance, now. What do you suggest as far as diet, supplementation, exercise, sleep, other???

    Thank You for all the Wisdom that you Share!


    • Hi Susie,

      The brain loves a fat adapted body, so get the best fats possible in your life (MCT oil especially caprylic acid, tallow, coconut oil, butter if it works for you, high fat 100% grass fed or similar or wild animal products, all kinds of sea food, fish or krill oil, wild boar lard, etc.). Keto adapt and then experiment with cyclical ketosis.

      I’d get on a caffeine-free natural nootropic blend (like Alpha Brain) and take that daily for a while. There are smart drugs out there but people react so differently to them. I’d recommend Qualia but I think it has way too much caffeine in it. If not on Alpha Brain, take doses (some people need very small doses, including me usually because of choline sensitivity) of things like ALCAR and Alpha GPC. You may wish to get on keto salts (there are now many blends to choose from on Amazon.)

      Of LP products, an elixir with Longevity in a Bottle, Mushroom Immunity, Revival and/or Everlasting Youth will give your brain the most goodness. Second to those for cognitive/memory herbal boost would be Maca Bliss and Glow. For chill time, Levity.

      Make sure no mold in house at all, no moldy food or pro fungal foods.

      Take food-based vitamin C daily.

      Perhaps a probiotic like Mega Sporbiotic to keep things symbiotic. 😉

      Give Head Strong by Dave Asprey a read to cover all the bases on brain and mitochondrial health.

      Sleep in as long as you can. Take naps (but don’t rely on them.)

      Strength training and high intensity interval training. And deep stretching.

      Chiro with a doc who does great neck adjustments.

      Wild foods!

      Naked sun time!

      Have you had labs taken yet to get a panel of hormones, other nutrients, and toxins like heavy metals, lately?


  • Jon:

    What would your protocol be for an infection that have been having trouble kicking?

    • Hi Jon,

      You’ll have to call in on that one. I need a lot more details. And even with a comprehensive natural protocol, there are so many situations where antibiotics are needed. I can definitely recommend ways of strengthening your immune system, using anti-microbial natural substances, and recovering your gut bacteria from antibiotics, but if this is a serious infection you really should work with a qualified physician (perhaps a naturopath that you really like.)


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