My Facebook friends went crazy when I posted this picture with this caption:

“Rest in peace in my belly, my cordyceps gingerbread coconut Maca Bliss ice cream sandwich man.”

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Consuming this EPICALLY-superfoodized autumn recipe of bliss is the perfect breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert.

The Coconut-Based ‘Longevity Power ice Cream’ (with dairy free options) recipe can be found in my new free eBook Longevity Power Elixirs. CLICK HERE to go get it.


No-Bake Cinnamon Vanilla Maca Gingerbread Recipe

This recipe is so awesome because aside from its medicinal mushroom base (don’t worry doesn’t take like mushrooms), it’s very flexible in regard to ingredient choices. Never make the same tasting batch twice! It’s rich and lightly sweetened, so it goes perfect with the Longevity Power Ice Cream.


Place in a large mixing bowl or food processor and mix well:

1 cup raw medicinal mushroom mycelium – whether reishi, cordyceps, chaga or shroom blends, each medicinal mushroom has its own flavor but they all mostly taste like rice protein powder and make for a perfect low carb, hypoallergenic, energizing, gluten-free ‘flour of immunity!’

1/4 cup warm softened healthful ‘shortenings’ –  pick 2 of these thick healthy fats: Organic ghee, organic cacao butter, organic refined coconut oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic red palm oil, organic sunflower liquid lecithin, or grass-fed butter

1 1/2 tablespoons wholesome liquid sweetener – pick 1 or 2 of these ‘syrups:’ non-gmo/Organic glycerin, raw honey, organic molasses, etc.

1/2 tablespoon granular sweetener, such as Erythritol or Xylitol

1 tablespoon Maca Bliss

3/4 teaspoon Organic ground dried ginger or freshly micro-planed fresh ginger, to taste

1/2 teaspoon ground vanilla bean

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1/4 teaspoon Organic true Ceylon cinnamon powder cassia cinnamon will do as well

2 pinches organic stevia extract, or more to taste

2 pinches Organic clove powder or freshly crushed dried clove buds

2 pinches freshly micro-planed Organic nutmeg


Press gingerbread dough into gingerbread molds, other festive mold shapes, or shape them with your own hands, or press flat and use cookie cutters.

Top or sandwich with the Longevity Power Ice Cream (recipe in my free ebook HERE).

Place in freezer for at least 2 hours. Eat, recharge and glow!



To your greatest version of yourself!

Christian Bates

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