Used for thousands of years… Our signature potent extract…

‘Nature’s Ecstasy Herb can Restore Natural Hair Color…’ 

Longevity Power’s 100% Pure Prepared He Shou Wu Extract is for those who want to recharge and glow!

He Shou Wu Patio 01In 2 sizes:          100g: $29.95      400g: $99.95



Traditionally Used to

   •Help Reverse Gray Hair & Restore Natural Hair Color

   •Induce Bliss

   •Restore Adrenals

   •Strengthen Immunity


Delightfully creamy, nutty, malty flavor!


He Shou Wu Plant DrawingHe Shou Wu (aka Fo-Ti) is a mood-lifting, nerve calming, sexual power restoring adaptogen made famous by its anti-aging properties and ability to help eliminate gray hair.


Our He Shou Wu roots are prepared by being boiled with black beans to increase their medicinal effects and then full spectrum extracted in pure hot water. We remove the fiber and concentrate the active compounds to create a soft powder with a malty-chocolate-like taste that lends itself to any life-promoting smoothie or elixir your mix it in. Prepare to recharge and glow!


Ingredients: 100% 16:1 Full Spectrum Water Extract of Prepared (soaked and boiled with Non-GMO black soybeans) He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) root standardized to at least 8% stilbene glycosides. No fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flowering agents, GMO’s, dairy or gluten.


Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (2000 mg). Mix in water, elixir or smoothie. Take 1/4 to 1 1/2 teaspoons, 1-4 times day. Do not take larger doses before operating a vehicle or heavy machinery due to strong bliss-inducing effects which may impair your ability to be safe! Have fun and live long!


Order Longevity Power’s Prepared He Shou Wu Extract Powder HERE.


Check out our lovely label:

He Shou Wu 400g LABEL

Order Longevity Power’s Prepared He Shou Wu Extract Powder HERE

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.


15 Responses to “He Shou Wu”

  • Would like to know the price for ‘He SHOU WU’ please i live in Auckland New Zealand.


    P Jonathan

  • Joseph:

    Does the soybeans being cooked with this leave the product having an estrogenic effect if not why.

    • Joseph,

      Really good question. The amount of black soybeans in the final extract is very small. You would get more phytoestrogens in a handful of most nuts and many seeds. The proprietary ratio of he shou wu roots to black soybeans is about 10:1. The soybeans disintegrate to an extent during the steeping. The he shou wu roots are removed and then extracted. Each step continues to reduce the amount of black soybean content, however there was still enough to properly ‘prepare’ the he shou wu and make it far less stool softening and far more tonic than raw he shou wu. :-)

      -Christian Bates
      Founder, Longevity Power

  • Joseph:

    Thank you for the honest reply, looking forward to trying your products.

  • Becky:

    So for a person who started going gray at 17 – almost 30 years now, this could help to reverse back to my natural color? I’d say I’m about 40-50% gray now, so there’s lots of work to do. About how long would it take before I see results?

    • Becky, great question. What I have found is that He Shou Wu combined with healing-strategies combined well in your life to help you stop and reverse gray hair is where the magic is. In fact, all healing is never just 1 thing, it’s a permutation of therapeutic habits that get the trick done. You get to detox your body of heavy metals, radioactive materials, fungus/yeast growth and other toxins. You get to put as much nutrition, minerals, and antioxidants (He Shou Wu being a great source of these) into your body every day. Be diligent and have fun with the process. Track your hair over the next 12 months and see what happens. Also, make sure you get really good oils (ghee, fish oil, coconut oil, low omega 6 oils, etc) into your body. Set your mind to it, it is possible!


  • John:

    Just received He Shou Wu and that stuff is Potent!!! Has a nice calming effect and it is a bit blissful!! If it gets rid of my greys I’ll be even happier. It does have a unique minerally- almost iron taste-best mixed in a smoothie, as opposed to longevity in a bottle which I take straight off the spoon-delish stuff….my body craves it!!! Thanks for the amazing products!!

    • John, awesome! Although the dominant ‘dark roasted nuttiness’ flavor stands out, each batch of our He Shou Wu varies slightly in the metallic flavor your experience, which is a combination of astringency, iron, copper, zinc (all metals being naturally occurring DNA-created from the root itself), and antioxidant content. Enjoy! -Christian

  • RJ:

    Would like to know is it ok to take “he shou wu” along with “maca bliss”. I just ordered maca bliss & waiting for it’s arrival. Will it benefit me to take both.

    • He Shou Wu and Maca Bliss go really great together – serious adrenal and sexual health restoring power! Maca is ‘yang’ and He Shou Wu is ‘yin’ so they balance and compliment each other very well. Also their malty flavors go great together! Often herbs and foods – even if they grow literally half way around the world from each other – synergize – meaning the effect of taking both can be greater than the sum of the parts. -Christian, Founder Longevity Power

  • Cj:

    I have read that He Shou Wu can harm the liver. Is it safe for the liver?

    • CJ, thank you for asking! He Shou Wu is considered safe and healthful for most livers. However, a very compromised liver may have difficulty processing anything extremely rich in nutrients. Enjoy!

  • Dezzi Eros:

    In your research, have you found any connections between hepatotoxicity and using this product? Id like to get my mom some but not if it has the potential to make things worse. Sure has no known liver issues. She doesn’t drink, smoke or take aspirin.

    • Dezzi, good question. He Shou Wu only becomes liver toxic if used in excessively large ongoing dosages (in fact, any food or herb becomes toxic when over used). So, you mother can enjoy recommended dosages, and take breaks. Like 3 weeks on, 1 week off. :-) -Christian

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