Dear Longevity Power fans!

Longevity Spirulina has been *discontinued* and replaced by the Revival Formula, which contains our glacial water grown spirulina and many other nutrient-dense algae, superfoods and tonic herbs. Presenting, Revival Formula…

*Longevity Spirulina*

Announcing the launch of Revival Formula: The new complete superfood and herbal extract blend for high performance body and brain.

Revival Formula is a supplement experience unlike any other. Only those who try it (we call them ‘the converted’) and experience the feeling actually know. Due to its thoroughly comprehensive blend of 24 micro algae, superfood, tonic herb and medicinal mushroom extracts, Revival helps unleash the most exquisite recharge of long lasting (we report for 7+ hours) focus and stamina with no crash* (it’s caffeine free, sugar free, free of any other adulterants, just 100% pure superfood).

*Longevity Spirulina*

Most green superfood powders are just poorly absorbed ground dried grasses and vegetables with apple fiber and rice powder (wait, doesn’t that sound more like bird food?) Revival doesn’t contain any of that. Each of our 24 ingredients with all colors of the rainbow are selected carefully for both their scientifically validated human activity* and their time tested traditional usage in human history. Revival is the most colorful green superfood blend ever with tons of extra benefits that put it in a new category of anti-aging formulae.*


*Longevity Spirulina* 
Revival comprehensively combines Mother Earth’s most powerful algae extracts with her most renowned tonic herbs. Finally, a formula that perfectly arrays the energizing and youthening benefits of wild, natural and organic plants and mushrooms from the land and algae from the sea.

*Longevity Spirulina*

These days you could literally start and never ever stop searching for supplements online and you could take even longer sorting and swallowing dozens of capsules each morning and evening, drudgingly trying to nourish your body. Revival bypasses the daily grind of a self-inflicted supplement snob and allows you to have a direct and delightful experience with your nutrition. Just mix a small spoonful of Revival in water or your smoothie and enjoy the beginning of your most revitalized self as you imbibe this most rewarding elixir.


*Longevity Spirulina*

*Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.






19 Responses to “*Longevity Spirulina*”

  • diana:

    i use your spirulina, and wondering how much potassium per teaspoon.

  • Dan:

    What would you recommend for acne problems ? Will u recommend Spirulina ?

    • Dan,

      Acne tends to have a combination of causes and has a set of solutions that will be unique to you. Spirulina will be a much better protein source than many of the allergenic proteins (soy, etc.) out there that tend to cause inflammation, feed the dysbacteriosis of the skin and burden the liver. I would recommend you strategize at this issue from multiple angles. If I were you, I would most likely use Longevity in a Bottle (internal only) and Pearl Extract (internal and topical) to bolster the body with immune system modulation, cool the skin, neutralize toxins, and tonify the liver. Also continue to try new foods and also try letting some foods go so that as your body changes you may continue to feed it what it truly desires each day. To your greatest health Dan!

  • Laura:

    I just got the Spirulina, this is a great product. Just mixed it with raw cocoa and coconut water. Drank it down. So…. I am not a fan of Spirulina taste. This Spirulina is wonderful tasting. I agree with what the video above says. It is a little sweet tasting and smelling. Going to try the mixture with nutritional yeast. So thank you for the product and reintroducing Spirulina to my diet.

  • Ame:

    Is this Spirilina rich in PEA’s, like the blue green algae from Klammath?

    • Ame – great question.

      Here’s what spirulina and Klamath AFA have in common:
      phycocyanin (blue antioxidant)
      complete protein
      lots of other easy to digest nutrients

      Klamath AFA has the PEAs and more polysaccharides whereas spirulina does not. However, one cannot eat very much Klamath AFA at once (any more than a teaspoon is really strong). Whereas spirulina is both extremely nutrient dense yet safe for larger doses (I consume many tablespoons per day) which makes spirulina a more practical source for boosting the body with the nutrients above.

      They are both cyanobacteria (tiny ancient easily digested micro algae) but do have some differences. So, I consume both.

      I’ve been lucky enough to be on Klamath Lake harvesting AFA. There is a hot spring with spirulina growing in it on the shore of the spring-fed cold lake with AFA growing in it. What an amazing hot/cold plunge that is!


  • Kai:

    BTW – My website is really in flux right now. Not much on it because I am trying to focus on my brand and figure out who I want to be when I grow up. 😉

    So my questions. My daughter is on the high functioning autistic spectrum with Asperger’s syndrome. She is extremely smart, extremely energetic, and like me gets easily distracted and has less focus than I am able to muster up. From what I’ve learned spirulina helps with brain function, right? So if I can blend some of this with Goji Joy’s calming effect and actually get her to drink it. This would give her a calm and focused mindset…wouldn’t it? ☺️

    Also any suggestions to get picky eating kids to take their delicious medicine would be helpful too. I gave her a sample of Goji Joy with Kal Vanilla Stevia in a little water and she said it tasted good but like nothing all at the same time.

  • Kai:

    P.S. I happen to think the flavor is fantastic and I noticed that my body eats it up and belches just like I had a “solid” meal. More proof to me that I am feeding my bottle with the best nutrients ever. I only have the samples right now, but will be placing a big order soon. I also noticed that my body is throughly PISSED every time I go back to eating the other crap I eat. I only have the samples so I have to fill up on crap so I don’t use it all up. My body has literally been throwing up the crap. To the point that I’m thinking it may be time to just throw away the crap and start fresh NOW. My body likes the good stuff and is demanding more NOW!!

    • Kai,

      Time to throw away the old crappy food and eat what works for your now 🙂

      Goji Joy is the perfect start for your daughter. What’s her age? I would also introduce her to Longevity in a Bottle and Epic Reishi, starting with very small doses and slowly building up, but playing with recipes so that the flavor is very appealing to her.


  • van phillips:

    HI, how is your spiraling dried and harvested? thanks, Van

    • LongevityPower:


      I’m not sure of the latest harvesting methods now that I have discontinued the product. It was spray dried.


  • Oscar Fernandez:

    Please send me all information and price to 1 kg

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