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Earlier this week I unveiled the recipe I make nearly every morning: The Goji Power Elixir. Well, if there is one drink that is even more therapeutic (yet recommended for daily consumption) and deliciously goji berry-ific, it’s my Goji Ginger Soda Pop recipe – but don’t worry, this is sugar-free, nearly-non-glycemic, diabetic-safe, sustainably mood-lifting, immune-strengthening, seriously energizing, effervescent (fizzy!) pure goodness…**

Goji Ginger Soda Pop Recipe (Sugar-Free Probiotic Deliciousness)

This elixir will:

Implant your gut with approximately 1 trillion immune-strengthening, digestive boosting probiotic bacteria

Instantly make you smile and brighten your mood for hours**

Build resilience to stress**

Beautify you from the inside out

Fuel your body with all 9 essential amino acids (Effortlessly Digested Complete Protein)

Activate your endocrine system as it contains one of the only plants proven to boost human growth hormone**

Fend off and protect your body against candida and yeast overgrowth**

Be sharable with family, friends and kids because it tastes like gourmet soda

Goji Ginger Soda Pop

~This is a naturally carbonated living food with as much probiotic punch as a whole bottle of probiotic capsules~


Blend in any blender:


2 cups coconut water kefirtakes a day or 2 to make – learn how to make coconut water kefir here – also available to buy ready made at many natural food stores

1 cup spring water ice cubes

2-3 teaspoons Longevity Power Goji Joy – for deeply nutritive, immune system, happiness, antioxidant, complete protein goodness with 12X the power of whole dried goji berries**

1/4 teaspoon or so stevia extract powder, to taste (My favorite most mellow flavored stevia extract powder is the NOW Better Stevia brand)

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

1/8 teaspoon freshly micro-planed/grated ginger


3-5 drops organic orange extract liquid, to taste

2-4 teaspoons fresh Aloe Vera inner gel, to taste

1/2 teaspoon Longevity Power Pearl Extract – for beauty and alkalinity**


Strain through a nut mylk bag to remove the ginger bits, into a medium-sized bowl. Transfer from the bowl into glassware of choice. May your day sparkle with magnificent health!


To your greatest health!

-Christian Bates


P.S. Would you love more life-affirming elixirs like this?

Goji Ginger Soda Pop Recipe (Sugar-Free Probiotic Deliciousness)
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Goji Ginger Soda Pop Recipe (Sugar-Free Probiotic Deliciousness)
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