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You want health and performance results.
You want these results both now and long term with sustainable cumulative benefits for your body and your mind.
You’ve already taken forever researching which nutrition is best for you to gain such results.
You determine that adaptogens (aka tonic herbs and superfoods) have been a missing food group most of your life.
You also find out that most adaptogens out there are weak, overpriced or just hard to find.
But you discover that we at Longevity Power excel at making the most potent, comprehensive, highest quality, best bang for your buck adaptogenic formulas available.
You see we have 10 core products.
Maybe you don’t want all 10 right away.
You remember that what you really still want is health and performance results ASAP!
In your continued focus you see that we created Intro Results Bundles to make things easy for you… at a substantial discount.
One bundle for the ladies. One for the gentlemen. (But you are not too gentle nor too lady like.)

These Top 5 Formulas for Fast Results fuel your inner beast and your crystal clear mind so that you can excel and embody the meaning of our favorite 2 words: Longevity Power!

Enjoy a deeper state of health by ordering now:
Which Adaptogens Should I Start With for Fastest Results?Which Adaptogens Should I Start With for Fastest Results?
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Why you should use adaptogens to make your body clean and lean!
Spring leaning made easier!
Have you had trouble accomplishing your weight loss and fitness goals? I’ve been there. It might be because you’re not eating a category of nutrition that most of humanity consumed daily until relatively recently.
Adaptogens (AKA tonic herbs) are the missing food group most of us grew up without – and yet they are used extensively in every ancient herbal tradition and in all known hunter gather societies. Only a modern industrial diet (like the Standard American Diet – what most people eat today) avoids them out of ignorance.
An adaptogen is so named as it helps your cells adapt and thrive amidst stressors. These powerhouse plants and mushrooms are so nutrient dense that they can help reverse nutrient deficiencies, soothe one’s nervous system and act to restore the function of vital glands including the adrenals and thyroid.
They do way more than what green juice and a multivitamin can do. Each herb has a synergy of human-active compounds that creates both immediate and long term cumulative effects like modulation of the immune system, hormone balancing and blood sugar control.
Many years ago, the first supplements I got on were an adaptogen formula and a green powder blend (that had adaptogens in it too). This was the perfect stack that made improving my diet and exercise routine so much easier than it would have been and I lost 50 excess pounds in 6 months! I was 16 years old. I’m 32 now and fitter than I’ve ever been! Adaptogens are more important to me than ever and not only keep me energized and craving healthy effective exercise every day, they are key to preventing early signs of aging.
Naturally, I highly recommend using Longevity Power adaptogens as your foundational pre-workout, recovery, adrenal nourishment and spring cleanse protocol which are key for successful fitness, weight loss, and detoxification strategies.
Feel free to comment or message me with any questions you have. Let me know your concerns and goals, so I can help you make your butt-kicking dreams come to fruition!
To a more deeply healthy you!
Christian Bates
P.S. Just took this picture this yesterday morning. I’m super excited to become a cleaner, leaner, adaptogen-fueled machine starting today and every day! Are you?
Why you should use adaptogens to make your body clean and lean!
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My Lifestyle Stack for Lifting Out of a Deep Funk

I just got a question about how I battled depression* when I was a teen, “Wondered what you found most effective in lifting you out of that?”

There are many habits added together that helped mold by body and my mind into the person I am today*: 
Boosting nutrition tremendously, especially brain supporting and hormone supporting nutrition*
Eating an allergen free diet*
Eating plenty of high quality fats (instead of low quality carbs)*
Constant focus on nourishing gut flora (digestive system = second brain)*
Regularly implementing strategies to remove viral load, mold, heavy metals and other toxins from my body*
Living passionately in a way that feels free and mission driven*
Making an impact on people that makes a real difference in their lives
Balancing hormones naturally*
Weight training, yoga and chiropractic*
Lots of tonic herbs for adrenal and brain support*
Being drug, alcohol and sugar free
Reducing exposure to plastics, synthetic fibers and air pollutants*
Being grounded (Earthing), getting lots of sun and lots of cold showers*
Being willing to both ‘reprogram my thinking’ (assertively embracing desire) but also ‘being with thoughts and letting them go’ (being Zen about desire)
Speaking to myself and others with words that are somehow both radically honest AND positively self esteem and success oriented.
Each one of these habits doesn’t do that much by itself for me. But combined has been key for changing the way my mind works.*
*I did not have a case of clinical depression, though I felt depressed. If you have been diagnosed with a type of clinical depression, please note that this is not medical or psychiatric advice, but my own experience. I do believe that these lifestyle habits are worth trying while working closely with a qualified holistic doctor. Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are for informational and educational use only. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, should consult with their holistic physician before using these or any nutritional products.


To your healthiest mind possible!
~Christian Bates


My Lifestyle Stack for Lifting Out of a Deep Funk
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