Epic Reishi

Epic Reishi

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  • More mental clarity, perception-shifting, stress-melting-away triterpenes
  • More immune-system-building, gut-improving, inner-balancing beta-glucans
  • 20% more Epic Reishi powder in every jar at the same price!

Skip cheap grain-grown weak reishi and upgrade to the most mind-expanding densely-potent mushroom formula on the internet: Epic Reishi.

This is the next-level connoisseur formula that unlocks and imbues the fullest stress-melting, performance-boosting, immune-strengthening, jitterlessly energizing yet deeply calming properties contained within reishi mushroom.

We grow our reishi the organic duanwood method using nutrient-dense wood and soil and extract the most active compounds (triterpenes and beta-glucans) possible from our reishi fruiting bodies and spores to create the most delightfully-uplifting substance ever!

Epic Reishi is the most powerful version of the most important longevity herb of all time!


My Epic Reishi story:

Aw, reishi mushroom, my first medicinal mushroom experience.

My first mushroom infatuation, really.

I’m enamored with reishi, going on 15 years.

Reishi was different from all the other superfoods and herbs I was trying in my early days of taking action on my health.

It wasn’t so much the immune system strengthening that good reishi imbues that had me so excited about this fungus among us…

Nor was it even the several-hour calm and steady jitterless energy attained from a quality reishi elixir…

Even the health-boosting, inner-balance, gut and skin-improving factors of reishi’s beta-glucan content didn’t excite me as mush as…

Reishi triterpenes!

Reishi’s mood-uplifting, perception-shifting, stress-melting-away triterpene content could be described as serenity itself for my body.

Reishi triterpenes are the oils of reishi mushroom's fruiting body and spores.

More than 200 reishi triterpenes include ganoderic acids, lucidenic acids and sterols (12) have been discovered in recent years.

There are other triterpenes found in every plant, animal and fungus.

In fact, your body loves triterpenes and is producing thousands of essential compounds from them in every moment.

Cholesterol - the apex building block of hormones, vitamin D and crucial cell structures for every type of cell in your body - is a triterpene too.

Don’t get me wrong, the...

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-viral
  • anti-microbial
  • tumor-reduction
  • digestive-improving effects (3)

...seen from reishi’s triterpenes are important.

But those effects are not why I fell in love with reishi triterpenes.

It’s the gentle serene lucid high from reishi triterpenes and their effect on:

  • cognitive function
  • the brain
  • the nervous system
  • liver health
  • focus
  • sleep (4)

...that has me so enamored.

Which is why after 9 years of sharing my signature Longevity Power product Epic Reishi with the world, I decided it was time to maximize its triterpene content.

I more than doubled it AND I worked with my manufacturer who specializes in creating high potency organic duanwood grown reishi extracts to get our costs down so you get a lot more reishi per jar.



The duanwood growing method combines the nutrition of sustainably harvested wood and composted soil to create an incredibly nutrient-dense organic reishi cultivation operation.

Our reishi is never grown on cheap low-nutrient grains.

Epic Reishi used to be grown using the Juncao compost method - which was outstanding. However, I found that I had a lot more options in increasing the triterpenes and other tested active compounds in reishi with our duanwood reishi.

This upgraded Epic Reishi is also higher than ever in beta-d-glucans: The water-soluble immune-system-building 'healing sugars' found in the structures of mushrooms.

Since triterpene oils are ethanol soluble and not water soluble, we procured a pure organic ethanol-extract powder (no alcohol is left in product after dehydration) standardized to 10% triterpenes (a lot!)

This triterpene-dominant extract is mixed in equal parts with our high-beta-glucan reishi dual (hydro-ethanol) extract and high-triterpene reishi cracked-cell-wall spores to make the most comprehensive triple-wammy reishi formula of all time.

Most reishi extacts on the market don’t test for triterpenes and are likely around 0.1% to 0.5% triterpenes, if present at all.

My first version Epic Reishi formula was 2.25% triterpenes.

Current Epic Reishi is 4.8% triterpenes!

Protip #1: Avoid reishi mycelium products - they are mostly starch and have near zero of the active compounds described above. Instead get strong extracts of quality grown reishi mushroom fruiting bodies. You won't find a stronger higher quality reishi formula than Epic Reishi.

Protip #2: Capsules are always overpriced and not as fun so here's my reishi connoisseur take on flavor. Most reishi extracts and teas have a funky shroomy unpleasant flavor. Reishi spores though taste amazing - like unsweetenned chocolate pixie dust. Combining the spores with richer darker high triterpene extracts of reishi as we did in Epic Reishi results in a more coffee-like flavor. Epic Reishi has a bitter kick, but the good kind of bitter (no shroomy funk) that can easily be turned into a mouth-watering stimulant-free java-cafe elixir of your choice.

All this talk, I’m so ready to shake up a tall glass of Epic Reishi elixir, to help me tune into my body’s natural state of cellular brilliance and inner peace.

Whether I want to...

  • feel more impervious to stress all morning and afternoon
  • conquer my workouts with more ease
  • deeply chill at the end of my day and get a deeper night's sleep

...new Epic Reishi hits the spot!

Order yourself a jar of new Epic Reishi (new fresh batch ships in 1-2 weeks) now and experience reishi in all its glory for yourself!

Cheers to your health freedom,
Christian Bates

Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.