NEW: THRIVE Beef Liver & Bone Broth Powder

NEW: THRIVE Beef Liver & Bone Broth Powder

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International shipping: Canada delivery guaranteed. Although we now offer our ancestral products for worldwide shipment, we are uncertain what the likelihood of customs rejection of a beef-based product of this nature is in some countries including the EU and ask that you understand the risk of losing your product to your country's particular supplement importing policies until we determine further.

The life-hack to instantly rejuvenate your body and mind every day with the therapeutic levels of highly bioavailable concentrated essential nutrients found in the most nutrient rich foods of all time: Grass fed beef liver and bone broth.

You are a hunter-gatherer living in a modern depleted diet world.

Your fit and healthy early ancestors knew that liver is the most valuable treasure of each hunt: Nature’s real multivitamin with 5 to 50 times more of numerous essential vitamins and minerals than muscle meat and plant foods.

THRIVE is the effortless, inconspicuous, delicious staple powder for adding back in foundational primal nutrition to support you and your family’s most vibrant life!

Thrive tastes more like a mild pleasant protein powder than fresh raw or cooked liver and it's so easy to use!

The life-hack for the modern primal:

  • No special ordering from a butcher.
  • No thawing or having liver go bad in the fridge.
  • No preparing, trimming, blending or cleaning fresh liver.
  • No cooking bone broth for 12-24 hours from scratch
  • No risk of throwing the flavor of a liver-infused recipe way off.
  • No downing 6+ horse pills of low-dose liver supplements every day.
  • Always grass fed, pasture raised, meticulous-premium quality

Just mix a spoonful of Thrive into just about anything to dramatically upgrade the nutrition of a meal and live like a nose-to-tail ancestral boss at your every whim!

Because liver's strong taste is reduced with our freeze-drying method and because many swear that our bone broth protein powder naturally has a more nutty than beefy taste, you and your family will hardly tell at all that there is now loads worth of liver and bone broth life-strengthening nutrition infused into your health-boosted day!



Organ meats are nature's multi vitamins and liver is by far the most important, most loaded with the top nutrients in the the right preformed, bioavailable, sufficient dosage balanced with co-factor nutrients that we simply cannot get from any other food group.

Fat soluble vitamins like preformed vitamin A (retinol) are profoundly rejuvenative to the eyes, immune system, and nerves.

Having a full suite of B vitamins including copious amount of B12 is crucial for having resiliency to stress, and sustained physical and mental energy.

Include vitamin D and K in the mix and you have the ingredients of healthy bones and an optimally functioning immune system.

Organ meat nutrients are crucial for long term gut health and digestion, skin and joint health, mood and cognition, and in my opinion: total body wellbeing.

Bone broth is the highly digestible dissolved connective tissue layer of an animal, rich in tissue-repairing amino acids like glycine.

Nose-to-tail eating like this is for primal health mastery.

In other words: healthy mastery. You are already a primal being. Time to holistically act like one and take back your birthright of being a badass healthy human.


LIVER – the most nutrient-rich food of all time - contains copious amounts of:

🥩Vision and immune-strengthening preformed Vitamin A (retinol)

🥩Brain-nourishing choline

🥩Energizing B-vitamins including B12 (so much so that it can turn your urine a bit neon yellow the way a vitamin B supplement tends to)

🥩Heart-nourishing CoQ10

🥩Bio-available iron

🥩Skin-beautifying hyaluronic acid

🥩Complete Protein

🥩Healthy Low-PUFA Fatty Acids

🥩The nutrition growing kids and active adults need to streamline their system, feel good, perform better, and THRIVE!

How to use Thrive

It's easy, just mix into any meal, soup, sauce, shake, or my favorite - into ground beef to turn any hamburger into an instant gourmet liverwurst sausage burger!

Kid and squeamish adult friendly! Thrive is by far the most inconspicuous deeply nutritious ingredient you've ever had! 

Pair up Thrive with my other new animal-based formulas Ancestral Feast to have the ultimate stack for thriving every day with nose-to-tail animal nutrition:


I’ve found that adding back in nose-to-tail nutrition like liver makes it so much easier to do the other core ancestral practices like strength training, embracing cold, not fearing the sun, sleeping more soundly and simply feeling good all the time.

Cheers to you taking your health and life to greater heights and thriving!🔥

-Christian Bates