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My Lifestyle Stack for Lifting Out of a Deep Funk

I just got a question about how I battled depression* when I was a teen, “Wondered what you found most effective in lifting you out of that?”

There are many habits added together that helped mold by body and my mind into the person I am today: 
*Boosting nutrition tremendously, especially brain supporting and hormone supporting nutrition
*Eating an allergen free diet 
*Eating plenty of high quality fats (instead of low quality carbs)
*Constant focus on nourishing gut flora (digestive system = second brain)
*Regularly implementing strategies to remove viral load, mold, heavy metals and other toxins from my body.
*Living passionately in a way that feels free and mission driven
*Making an impact on people that makes a real difference in their lives
*Balancing hormones naturally
*Weight training, yoga and chiropractic
*Lots of tonic herbs for adrenal and brain support
*Being drug, alcohol and sugar free
*Reducing exposure to plastics, synthetic fibers and air pollutants
*Being grounded (Earthing), getting lots of sun and lots of cold showers
*Being willing to both ‘reprogram my thinking’ (assertively embracing desire) but also ‘being with thoughts and letting them go’ (being Zen about desire)
*Speaking to myself and others with words that are somehow both radically honest AND positively self esteem and success oriented.
Each one of these habits doesn’t do that much by itself for me. But combined has been key for changing the way my mind works.
To your healthiest mind possible!
~Christian Bates


*I did not have a case of clinical depression, though I felt depressed. If you have been diagnosed with a type of clinical depression, please note that this is not medical or psychiatric advice, but my own experience. I do believe that these lifestyle habits are worth trying while working closely with a qualified holistic doctor. 🙂
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“After 4 years helping people take their health and performance to the next level, we have updated our signature product Mushroom Immunity. Now it has Cordyceps militaris extract, bringing the total number of medicinal mushroom extracts and concentrates to a tremendous 35! Mushroom Immunity – more so than ever – is the world’s most comprehensive medicinal mushroom immune system and mental clarity boosting formula!

Mushroom Immunity 2.0Pure Immune System Food: Always Be Protected

35 Extremely Potent Medicinal Mushroom Concentrates

in 1 Easy to Take Powder!

Strengthen the Immune System

Build Resilience to Stress

Improve Mental Clarity & Calm

Unleash Peak Performances

Feel Better than Ever

Did you feed your immune system today? Used in every human culture for 1000’s of years: medicinal mushrooms. Each species contains a unique array of polysaccharides (essential sugars) and novel compounds that strengthen the immune system.

Tastes like instant exotic artisan coffee!

Mushroom Immunity 2.0


Mushroom Immunity is the most potent, advanced,

– and in our opinion best tasting –

mushroom formula in the world!

Mushroom Immunity 2.0

Mushroom Immunity 2.0

Half of our signature formula contains our proprietary extracts of chaga and reishi mushroom,

which taste more like an earthy freshly brewed cocoa-vanilla coffee instead of a ‘mushroom soup’ flavor.

 Mushroom Immunity 2.0Mushroom Immunity 2.0


Everyone loves tossing a serving (1 teaspoon) of Mushroom Immunity in water, smoothie and homemade desserts!


Order Mushroom Immunity NOW  in 2 sizes:

Mushroom Immunity 2.0

45 g (1.5 oz) – 15 SERVINGS

Mushroom Immunity 2.0

180 g (6.3 oz) – 60 SERVINGS


Order Mushroom Immunity NOW


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.

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12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

Guess what, you festive healthy elf! Here’s a poem:


‘Twas the nights of sun light returning

When all through the blender

Twirled herbal creamy fun

For body flourishing splendor.

The stockings all hung –

I’ll get to the point – With brevity,

Here are twelve recipes past

For present and future longevity.


True story: When you take tonic herbs, you can bust out poems like that every time. 😉


am serious about the most enticing and healthiest holidays recipes possible. Here are my top picks of simple recipes with benefits and cheer I’ve shared over the years. Enjoy!

12. Autumn Tonic Tea

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs 

11. Longevity Snap Bars  

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

10. Raw Chocolate-Striped Superfood Santa Cookies

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

9. Beyond healthy egg nog #1 (with coconut milk!)

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

8. Holiday Thyme Raw ‘Bread’ Rolls

 12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

7. Beyond healthy egg nog #2 (with colostrum!)

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

6. Shroom Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

5. The Ice Cream That Gets You High

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

4. Raw Superfood Pumpkin Pie

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

3. Sexy Genius Holiday Spice Frozen Custard

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs  

2. Cream of Sage, Rosemary & Thyme Soup

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs 

1. Holiday Chaga Tea

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

Plus 1 more: Vanilla Malt & Chocolate Butterscotch Swirl Gelato Fudgsicles

12 Healthy Holiday Recipes Made with Tonic Herbs

Happy holidays!

 –Christian Bates

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The Ice Cream That Gets You High

This heavenly rich and malty flavored ice cream doesn’t contain cannabis or THC, but it does contain an herb that around these parts we call Glow and is renowned for its anti-aging and gray hair reversing effects, among many other benefits.

Glow (aliases: He Shou Wu, Fo-Ti, and Polygonum multiflorum) is an herb that is often put in first place (out of thousands of other herbs) by tonic herbalists as the most health transforming and nutrient dense tonic bang for your buck in Chinese Medicine. I was first introduced to it one night ten years ago by a well known nutrition teacher who emptied out several capsules of He Shou Wu into his raw ice cream from Cafe Gratitude. He got very blissed out yet was looking deeply calm, rejuvenated and sharp. His state of consciousness was sustainably enhanced. I was so envious because I didn’t get any of that ice cream and I wanted those benefits for myself in the form of an extra blissful and guiltless frozen dessert experience!

The Ice Cream That Gets You HighThat evening planted a seed in me to, after many years, launch my own extra powerful, consciously sourced, tasty and UNencapsulated He Shou Wu extract, now called GLOW.

Also in the time since, I’ve created about 500 ‘alternative’ (my body doesn’t like cream and sugar) ice cream recipes. Most of these contained heroic doses of tonic herbs: Frozen dessert nutrition therapy at its finest!

Today I present an ice cream with the hero’s dose of Glow He Shou Wu to get the eater high, motivated, euphoric, mentally and physically enhanced, youthenned, self reflective, socially lubricated yet crystal clear. Unlike most of my recipes, this is not a recipe for everyday use (unless you ease back the He Shou Wu dosage). In fact, if you eat this whole recipe (which I recommend you do slowly) don’t plan on driving or operating heavy machinery for a couple hours. Why? All good reasons. Don’t worry, this recipe makes the mind sharp as a tack and makes one fully physically and mentally functional with a smaller dose, but in a larger dose it can make dopamine levels extra high which can sometimes make driving a car overwhelming for such a happy brain.

He Shou Wu is an MAO-B inhibitor, which naturally inhibits the body’s own rate of dopamine breakdown thus allowing dopamine levels to gently rise. An increase in breakdown and lower levels of dopamine and decrease in MAO-B inhibitor levels, typical of people 40 or 50 years of age and older, is associated with mental distress and rising rates of mental imbalance.

The Ice Cream That Gets You HighThere is no habit forming or addiction associated with He Shou Wu. In fact for those dealing with addiction (drugs, porn, Facebook, gambling, sugar, bread, and other substances and activities that unsustainably reward your brain with dopamine but ultimately cause a tolerance and dopamine crash) He Shou Wu may be helpful in gently biohacking your brain to feel healthy, sharp, motivated, satisfied, stress resilient, nourished, happy, loving and less prone to impulsively engage in addictions.

In larger doses He Shou Wu is a very mild laxative. If you’re constipated that’s usually great news. If it causes you loose stools, just ease up and stick to a normal dosage which is about 1 teaspoon (this ice cream recipe contains several teaspoons of He Shou Wu).

This recipe has many ingredient options in hopes that you can both more easily gather a minimal set of ingredients (many of them at natural foods stores, many on Amazon) and select which ingredients you think you’d prefer based on existing taste and dietary preferences and sensitivities.

The one ingredient that isn’t optional is the Glow He Shou Wu itself. Glow is a very taste-compliant (it’s slightly bitter by itself but when mixed and sweetened it takes on a pleasant malty nutty flavor – other He Shou Wu extracts tend to be terribly astringent which will ruin the ice cream for your tongue) and potent (it takes 16 pounds of prepared dried he shou wu roots to make just 1 pound of this Glow extract powder which is standardized to a minimum of 8% stilbene glycosides – resveratrol-like antioxidants that make He Shou Wu so cell-protective and anti-aging. 8% stilbenes is a truly and significantly biologically active amount and other He Shou Wu products are either half or a quarter this amount or they just don’t test for it at all and you don’t know what you’re getting.)

 The Ice Cream That Gets You High

Recipe: The Healthful Ice Cream That Gets You High and Glowing!

Blend in blender for 30 seconds:

2 organic pasture-raised egg yolks (no whites) or 1-2 tablespoons of non-GMO lecithin

1/3 cup organic refined coconut oil or ghee or butter or cacao butter

1/3 cup sweet LUV (a sugar free sweetener) or any sweetener of choice (maple sugar, honey, etc.)

1/4 cup protein powder (collagen protein powder, colostrum powder, grass fed whey, plant based protein powders, etc.)

1/4 cup a different from above protein powder (collagen protein powder, colostrum powder, grass fed whey, plant based protein powders, etc.)

1-3 TABLESPOONS Longevity Power GLOW He Shou Wu (Beginner’s, use 1 tablespoon. He Shou Wu experienced, cautiously use more to insure the title of this recipe HIGHly lives up to its name.)

2 teaspoons organic vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon ground vanilla bean

Just barely 1/8 teaspoon sea salt

3/4 cup warmed spring water

OPTIONAL: 1/4 cup organic cacao/cocoa powder
OPTIONAL: 1 pinch stevia extract, to taste, if using more Glow He Shou Wu

Pour into ice cream maker or pour into bowl and let set in refrigerator for 2 hours, then whisk to aerate and place in freezer for several hours. Eat as much as you’d like, but not all at once if you are new to such heroic doses (I’m serious about this, go easy, be gentle, be kind to your brain and you digestive system). Share with a lover, a friend or family members with whom you’d like to deepen your connection.

The Ice Cream That Gets You High


To you being the greatest, highest, clearest version of yourself!

-Christian Bates


P.S. Further reading to help you on your way to making all your health goals come true:

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The Organic Egg Nog Recipe for Kicking Butt Through New Year's

This is the biohacker’s egg nog. The nog that keeps on kicking. Kicking butt that is, at your health and stress-resilience goals. This is the nog for your noggin (brain health optimization) and your body (nutrition therapy minus the food sensitivities/allergens). It’s for people that love nog but can’t do cream and sugar, and for folks who don’t usually like egg nog but have a hankerin’ for some nutmeg cinnamon spice up in their paleoesque superfood smoothie. This is the ketogenic friendly low carb athlete’s secret December weapon of choice. This is the Rocky fan and herbalist’s milk shake. This recipe is here to help you make a big difference in your health while you’re busy being festive.

Most importantly, this egg nog which is made with real organic egg yolks tastes better than store bought sugary egg nog and is sharable with your friends and family at any occasion while skyrocketing their health and mood. Even your Uncle Joe who loves conventional rum-spiked egg nog can have this (and it might help him avoid a carb-coma this year). 😉

Blend in blender for 30 seconds:

4 organic pasture-raised egg yolks

1/3 cup hydrolyzed collagen protein powder

1/3 cup organic refined coconut oil

1/3 cup sweet LUV (or sweetener of choice)

1/3 cup colostrum powder

1 teaspoon Longevity Power Maca Bliss

1 teaspoon Longevity Power Pearl Extract or GLOW He Shou Wu

1/4 teaspoon ground vanilla bean

1/4 teaspoon organic vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon organic cinnamon powder (Ceylon cinnamon is best, cassia cinnamon is 2nd best)

2-5 pinches of ground nutmeg (or ever better is zested or chopped small pieces of whole nutmeg), to taste (strong but essential stuff, start with less)

2 pinches sea salt

1/2 cup very warm or hot spring water

Then add and blend for 20 seconds:

2 cups spring water ice cubes

Pour into some classy cups, glasses of mugs, and top with small pinches of organic cinnamon powder, ground vanilla, organic ground nutmeg, organic ground clove, organic cocoa powder and/or colostrum powder.

Optional: Add your favorite tonic tinctures of choice or, if you drink or are serving nog to your social drinking friends and family, offer a shot of rum, brandy, bourbon or other spirit, to taste. Egg nog is traditionally designed to be rich and thick enough to be thinned slightly by alcohol. This recipe is a great way to sneak some health back into your loved ones under the radar, whether they prefer their holiday cheer virgin or spiked.

Optional: For the coffee lovers, you can add coffee or espresso to ‘bullet proof’ this (the ingredients colostrum and coconut oil count as your butter and MCT oil in this case).

To your healthiest of holidays and a new year blessed with fulfilling accomplishments!

-Christian Bates

The Organic Egg Nog Recipe for Kicking Butt Through New Year's

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Ready to get the ‘download’ on which maca is the best for you? Which is mold-free? Which actually makes you smarter and sexier? Yes! Thought so. Not only are there multiple colors (or phenotypes) of maca, but there are many preparations of maca too. Not all maca is created equal and some can be quite harmful (moldy maca = moldy body!)

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

The diversity of maca products out there is great enough that on the inferior side of the spectrum (most products) many maca powders barely provide any of the claimed effects and can lead to mold and candida issues. On the superior side of the spectrum maca lives up to its endurance boosting, virility strengthening, cognition supporting and aphrodisiac properties while being perfectly compliant to any food or sugar sensitivities or fungal and immune issues.

50 Shades of Maca

High in the Andes in Peru in a field of maca, there are 3 primary colors of roots growing amongst each other. Yellow (a.k.a. white or creme) maca is the biggest and most abundant root, but is the least nutrient dense. It provides a lot of benefit because it is still maca, but in many studies it comes in a most definite 3rd place for effect and antioxidant levels. Since it is the cheapest to produce, most maca products are just milled yellow maca.

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Red (a.k.a. purple) maca roots are in the middle in potency, size and abundance. Red is considered the best for men’s prostate, but for nearly all other effects, black maca is considered the best.

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Black maca is the smallest and rarest (a harvest will be 5% to 30% black maca roots). However, it is only slightly more costly to produce (fewer, smaller, lighter roots). It has been shown to be the best at boosting cognitive function and in females, increasing fertility and in males, increasing sperm count and mobility. In my experience, black maca tastes way denser and less sweet than yellow, red or a tri-blend of colors. It has the force of jing in it.

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

The Understated Topic of Maca Preparation

Traditionally, maca isn’t eaten raw very often. It is usually cooked, fermented, or even extracted in some way and has been for hundred of years, which increases its potency and digestibility. Why are most maca products just raw milled maca? Because raw is inexpensive and because there is a market for ‘raw foods.’

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Back when I used to fall for the ‘it should be raw’ short sightedness propaganda, I ate my share of raw maca. But today I would never ever recommend anybody eat raw maca. Okay, I might recommend it over eating a plate of gluten or a factory farmed fast food concoction, but because raw maca is sugary, starchy, fibrous, sometimes moldy, and always far less potent (the dosage of raw non-concentrated maca is about 3 tablespoons to receive maca’s full renowned effects – which tastes like 3 tablespoons of radish powder in my humble opinion – and often leads to the toots), I must say it is not great enough to be on your health protocol list. Maca’s active constituents are not heat sensitive – they remain intact at temperatures near 200*F, so raw cold processing is not necessary, and is in fact counter productive. Raw food and herb powders (that haven’t gone through a heat process) from the tropics tend to have a higher microbe contamination and mold risk (don’t play roulette with your health!)

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

The second most popular preparation of maca is gelatinized maca. This is wet-cooked maca. There is also a similar dry roasted maca. The cooking breaks down some of the fiber and starch and makes the maca about twice as concentrated and easier to digest. It is definitely an upgrade from the raw shwag (hehe), but for those on a lower carb regimen, or for those who need to kick candida, it is still quite a bit glycemic (blood sugar and insulin spiking) with its starch and sugar content. So I recommend skipping all the way to the best which is…

Dual extracted maca powder! This is the heavy hitter, a full spectrum extract using warm water and alcohol to concentrate the most active compounds in maca while removing the starchy parts. Water-only extracted maca powder usually has flowing agents in it to keep it from clumping, so 100% pure dual (warm water + ethanol) extract is where it’s at!

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Before I explain what this truly delicious yet extremely potent dual extract preparation is exactly, I’d like to share that ten years ago I began developing the prototypes for the WildBar – the organic superfood meal replacement bar I co-created. During that time is when I started sourcing superfoods from manufactures from all over the world. Some superfoods looked similar on paper but were a world of difference in taste, quality and freshness. Some arrived moldy. It took a year and a half to painstakingly decide on the sources of all the ingredients for the WildBar before we launched, although the sources we used were the clear winners because not only did we develop great connections with the manufactures, they consistently provided fresh product with no off batches.

But even after launch, I strived to upgrade the WildBar over the years whenever possible, and eventually dropped the original premium raw maca ingredient and replaced it with what is now called Maca Bliss.

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Maca Bliss is all about being the best possible maca in every way imaginable. It is made from organically grown black maca only (I considered making it from a mix of black (very best) and red roots (second best), but decided that it should be 100% black maca, only the best). Maca Bliss is not raw…. Not gelatinized… Not just a water extract… It is a 10X dual extract powder and nothing else. It is potency verified during the extraction process to be at least 0.6% (which is high) macamides and macaines (the top active compounds that give maca its effects.)

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?


The dual extraction, done in a USDA Certified Organic facility Lima, Peru, uses both hot water and non-GMO cane alcohol to extract a full spectrum of water-soluble and lipid-soluble active compounds from the maca. We micro-strain out the bulk of the starches, sugars and fibers while concentrating the most medicinal fractions of black maca. We dehydrate the dark brown liquid we have created during the straining process into a powder (which due to some very nifty properties becomes a more tan color, but will become more black in color when it is rehydrated).


I have taken every kind of maca for the past 13 years and Maca Bliss is in a league of its own and the only kind of maca I give to my friends, family and colleagues.


1 teaspoon of Maca Bliss is equal to over 3 tablespoons of raw black maca powder (minus the fiber, radish flavor and toots). It melts in your mouth and tastes like a malty, tangy, slightly smokey and ever so lightly nectarous caramel concentrate. It goes in your mouth, in pure water, in a smoothie, on a treat, on ice cream, in a chocolate or dessert recipe to skyrocket energy levels, turn glands, organs and brain into a robust experience of rewilding health. The energy is clean, very much felt, but not stimulating – the marks of a true adaptogen.

Grab yourself a bottle of Maca Bliss HERE.

Adaptogens: Going way beyond what a ‘healthy diet’ can do. Maca Bliss is a balanced adaptogen in that it helps the body be resilient amidst stress and allows one’s biology to thrive even during modern stressors like pollution, previous toxic food choices, and sitting around too much. It may cause you to spontaneously do what your body, heart, sexuality and brilliant mind want to do most which is live an authentic life full of movement and engaging in habits of passion with which the soul feels in alignment. It bumps one closer to the status of sexy genius every time it is taken (oh, behave!) It has both immediate all day benefits and cumulative long term benefits that keep on giving (what a gift from nature!)

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Maca Bliss is a warming yang herb/superfood, which makes it a great winter warmer. Pre-workout, pre-work, pre-sex suggested in a post-industrial revolution world. It is equally effective for both men and woman.

Grab yourself a bottle of Maca Bliss HERE.

Read more about Maca Bliss HERE.

Which Kind of Maca Is Healthiest, and Has No Mold?

Yours in making your greatest health goals come true,

Christian Bates

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Order Everlasting Youth in our shop HERE!

Everlasting Youth: The Ultimate Instant Tonic Herbal Beauty Elixir Blend for Health Conscious Women (and Conscious Cool Men)Everlasting Youth for Women (and Conscious Cool Men)

♥ Balance Moods Naturally
♥ Reveal Radiant Beauty
♥ Inhibit Aging Process
♥ Enhance Sexual Libido
♥ Hormonal Harmony
♥ Ease Monthly Moon Cycle
♥ Reclaim Feminine Nature
♥ Protect Your DNA
♥ Activate Pineal Gland
♥ Unleash Best Side of Genetics
♥ Silky Skin + Nail Strength
♥ Hair Lustre + Toned Body

No time in history has humanity desperately needed access to the health and vigor that our ancestor’s once knew, than now! All ingredients in Everlasting Youth are adaptogens which promote vitality and immunity by nourishing the body’s ability to adapt to toxic and stressful environments, something we can all relate to.

Everlasting Youth is manufactured by Longevity Power exclusively for Edible Goddess. We acquire and blend our elite quality ingredients while setting the organic and green standard in the wellness industry. Everlasting Youth is freshly sealed in completely recyclable amber glass bottles with metal caps, and contains no fillers or flowing agents, and is comprised only of the world’s greatest superfoods and herbal extracts specifically formulated for women during any time of her lifespan with the exception of pregnancy + breastfeeding. It makes the best pre-natal supplement ever!

Everlasting Youth for Women (and Conscious Cool Men)

HOW TO USE: 1. Start with a 1/4 teaspoon, 1-2 times a day (anytime of day is great – there are no stimulating effects), mixed in pure spring water, fresh juice, elixirs, tonics, smoothies of all kinds, healthy desserts and chocolate. Gradually during 1 month increase to 1-3 teaspoons, 1-3 times per day.Everlasting Youth for Women (and Conscious Cool Men)

For children ages 5 and older (start with just a sprinkle and work up to 1/4 teaspoon) and adults of all ages (at the full dose of 1-3 teaspoons).

PLEASE NOTE: Not to be taken during pregnancy or while breast-feeding, though it is ideal if you can consume it as part of preparing your body to conceive the healthiest child ever, and to deeply nourish + restore your body after breast-feeding is complete.

Everlasting Youth for Women (and Conscious Cool Men)

Order Everlasting Youth in our shop HERE!

The information above has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please research these ingredients especially if you are pregnant. Everlasting Youth has been manufactured in facilities that at times also process wheat, soy, corn, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Everlasting Youth for Women (and Conscious Cool Men)

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You are 100% worthy of any health goals of which you can conceive.
Find out why in my latest video entitled ‘Awareness + Self Esteem – Society Standards = Extraordinary Health’

Being ‘into’ health, performing better with what you do, getting out of pain, and experiencing greater and greater states of being human is one thing. But actually, consciously realizing that you deserve those things – that you are worthy of them, and that any extra time and energy it takes to develop the habits that get you those things are worth it because you are worth it – is where the rubber hits the roadI want you to love you so much that you follow through with your health goals. So please watch my video above to get a kick in the personal clarity pants.
To your greatest health possible!
-Christian Bates

The 3 lesser known factors that determine Extraordinary Health

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I’d like to introduce you to 4 awesome concepts that may just help you get to your next level of health faster, easier, smarter and with greater results! Enjoy the video!

Does that shiny (well, normally shiny but it was covered in nutritious brown spores!) red conk I was holding up in the video turn you on? If so I’m sure you’ll feel really epic on Longevity Power’s Epic Reishi!

To your greatest health!

Biohacking, Nootropics, Transhumanism & ReWilding

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What Comes Up Over and Over Again As You Pursue Health Excellence

During the past 15 years of daily dissecting the habits of peak performers and nutrition experts, I’ve discovered that all of us, even the greatest of health educators, are often enough guilty of dogma (stating ideas that just aren’t true all the time.) So in the pursuit of your own greatest version of yourself, please watch this video so that you can better navigate your way away from dogma (mistakes and booby traps that everyone makes) and step into sensibly (and powerfully) nourishing your unique body. Full steam ahead!

Add in the good, avoid the dogma, be sensible, unleash human excellence! Watch:

What Comes Up Over and Over Again As You Pursue Health Excellence
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