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Ready to get the ‘download’ on which maca is the best for you? Which is mold-free? Which actually makes you smarter and sexier? Yes! Thought so. Not only are there multiple colors (or phenotypes) of maca, but there are many preparations of maca too. Not all maca is created equal and some can be quite harmful (moldy maca = moldy body!)

Maca Colors 1

The diversity of maca products out there is great enough that on the inferior side of the spectrum (most products) many maca powders barely provide any of the claimed effects and can lead to mold and candida issues. On the superior side of the spectrum maca lives up to its endurance boosting, virility strengthening, cognition supporting and aphrodisiac properties while being perfectly compliant to any food or sugar sensitivities or fungal and immune issues.

50 Shades of Maca

High in the Andes in Peru in a field of maca, there are 3 primary colors of roots growing amongst each other. Yellow (a.k.a. white or creme) maca is the biggest and most abundant root, but is the least nutrient dense. It provides a lot of benefit because it is still maca, but in many studies it comes in a most definite 3rd place for effect and antioxidant levels. Since it is the cheapest to produce, most maca products are just milled yellow maca.

Maca with Soil

Red (a.k.a. purple) maca roots are in the middle in potency, size and abundance. Red is considered the best for men’s prostate, but for nearly all other effects, black maca is considered the best.

Black Maca 01

Black maca is the smallest and rarest (a harvest will be 5% to 30% black maca roots). However, it is only slightly more costly to produce (fewer, smaller, lighter roots). It has been shown to be the best at boosting cognitive function and in females, increasing fertility and in males, increasing sperm count and mobility. In my experience, black maca tastes way denser and less sweet than yellow, red or a tri-blend of colors. It has the force of jing in it.

Black Maca Circled

The Understated Topic of Maca Preparation

Traditionally, maca isn’t eaten raw very often. It is usually cooked, fermented, or even extracted in some way and has been for hundred of years, which increases its potency and digestibility. Why are most maca products just raw milled maca? Because raw is inexpensive and because there is a market for ‘raw foods.’

fire cook 1

Back when I used to fall for the ‘it should be raw’ short sightedness propaganda, I ate my share of raw maca. But today I would never ever recommend anybody eat raw maca. Okay, I might recommend it over eating a plate of gluten or a factory farmed fast food concoction, but because raw maca is sugary, starchy, fibrous, sometimes moldy, and always far less potent (the dosage of raw non-concentrated maca is about 3 tablespoons to receive maca’s full renowned effects – which tastes like 3 tablespoons of radish powder in my humble opinion – and often leads to the toots), I must say it is not great enough to be on your health protocol list. Maca’s active constituents are not heat sensitive – they remain intact at temperatures near 200*F, so raw cold processing is not necessary, and is in fact counter productive. Raw food and herb powders (that haven’t gone through a heat process) from the tropics tend to have a higher microbe contamination and mold risk (don’t play roulette with your health!)

Maca Drying Red Circle

The second most popular preparation of maca is gelatinized maca. This is wet-cooked maca. There is also a similar dry roasted maca. The cooking breaks down some of the fiber and starch and makes the maca about twice as concentrated and easier to digest. It is definitely an upgrade from the raw shwag (hehe), but for those on a lower carb regimen, or for those who need to kick candida, it is still quite a bit glycemic (blood sugar and insulin spiking) with its starch and sugar content. So I recommend skipping all the way to the best which is…

Dual extracted maca powder! This is the heavy hitter, a full spectrum extract using warm water and alcohol to concentrate the most active compounds in maca while removing the starchy parts. Water-only extracted maca powder usually has flowing agents in it to keep it from clumping, so 100% pure dual (warm water + ethanol) extract is where it’s at!


Before I explain what this truly delicious yet extremely potent dual extract preparation is exactly, I’d like to share that ten years ago I began developing the prototypes for the WildBar – the organic superfood meal replacement bar I co-created. During that time is when I started sourcing superfoods from manufactures from all over the world. Some superfoods looked similar on paper but were a world of difference in taste, quality and freshness. Some arrived moldy. It took a year and a half to painstakingly decide on the sources of all the ingredients for the WildBar before we launched, although the sources we used were the clear winners because not only did we develop great connections with the manufactures, they consistently provided fresh product with no off batches.

But even after launch, I strived to upgrade the WildBar over the years whenever possible, and eventually dropped the original premium raw maca ingredient and replaced it with what is now called Maca Bliss.

Maca Bliss 240g BOTTLE 01 RGB

Maca Bliss is all about being the best possible maca in every way imaginable. It is made from organically grown black maca only (I considered making it from a mix of black (very best) and red roots (second best), but decided that it should be 100% black maca, only the best). Maca Bliss is not raw…. Not gelatinized… Not just a water extract… It is a 10X dual extract powder and nothing else. It is potency verified during the extraction process to be at least 0.6% (which is high) macamides and macaines (the top active compounds that give maca its effects.)

Maca Bliss 240g LABEL RGB


The dual extraction, done in a USDA Certified Organic facility Lima, Peru, uses both hot water and non-GMO cane alcohol to extract a full spectrum of water-soluble and lipid-soluble active compounds from the maca. We micro-strain out the bulk of the starches, sugars and fibers while concentrating the most medicinal fractions of black maca. We dehydrate the dark brown liquid we have created during the straining process into a powder (which due to some very nifty properties becomes a more tan color, but will become more black in color when it is rehydrated).


I have taken every kind of maca for the past 13 years and Maca Bliss is in a league of its own and the only kind of maca I give to my friends, family and colleagues.


1 teaspoon of Maca Bliss is equal to over 3 tablespoons of raw black maca powder (minus the fiber, radish flavor and toots). It melts in your mouth and tastes like a malty, tangy, slightly smokey and ever so lightly nectarous caramel concentrate. It goes in your mouth, in pure water, in a smoothie, on a treat, on ice cream, in a chocolate or dessert recipe to skyrocket energy levels, turn glands, organs and brain into a robust experience of rewilding health. The energy is clean, very much felt, but not stimulating – the marks of a true adaptogen.

Grab yourself a bottle of Maca Bliss HERE.

Adaptogens: Going way beyond what a ‘healthy diet’ can do. Maca Bliss is a balanced adaptogen in that it helps the body be resilient amidst stress and allows one’s biology to thrive even during modern stressors like pollution, previous toxic food choices, and sitting around too much. It may cause you to spontaneously do what your body, heart, sexuality and brilliant mind want to do most which is live an authentic life full of movement and engaging in habits of passion with which the soul feels in alignment. It bumps one closer to the status of sexy genius every time it is taken (oh, behave!) It has both immediate all day benefits and cumulative long term benefits that keep on giving (what a gift from nature!)


Maca Bliss is a warming yang herb/superfood, which makes it a great winter warmer. Pre-workout, pre-work, pre-sex suggested in a post-industrial revolution world. It is equally effective for both men and woman.

Grab yourself a bottle of Maca Bliss HERE.

Read more about Maca Bliss HERE.


Yours in making your greatest health goals come true,

Christian Bates

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Order Everlasting Youth in our shop HERE!

Everlasting Youth: The Ultimate Instant Tonic Herbal Beauty Elixir Blend for Health Conscious Women (and Conscious Cool Men)Close

♥ Balance Moods Naturally
♥ Reveal Radiant Beauty
♥ Inhibit Aging Process
♥ Enhance Sexual Libido
♥ Hormonal Harmony
♥ Ease Monthly Moon Cycle
♥ Reclaim Feminine Nature
♥ Protect Your DNA
♥ Activate Pineal Gland
♥ Unleash Best Side of Genetics
♥ Silky Skin + Nail Strength
♥ Hair Lustre + Toned Body

No time in history has humanity desperately needed access to the health and vigor that our ancestor’s once knew, than now! All ingredients in Everlasting Youth are adaptogens which promote vitality and immunity by nourishing the body’s ability to adapt to toxic and stressful environments, something we can all relate to.

Everlasting Youth is manufactured by Longevity Power exclusively for Edible Goddess. We acquire and blend our elite quality ingredients while setting the organic and green standard in the wellness industry. Everlasting Youth is freshly sealed in completely recyclable amber glass bottles with metal caps, and contains no fillers or flowing agents, and is comprised only of the world’s greatest superfoods and herbal extracts specifically formulated for women during any time of her lifespan with the exception of pregnancy + breastfeeding. It makes the best pre-natal supplement ever!

EY Ingredients Screenshot 01

HOW TO USE: 1. Start with a 1/4 teaspoon, 1-2 times a day (anytime of day is great – there are no stimulating effects), mixed in pure spring water, fresh juice, elixirs, tonics, smoothies of all kinds, healthy desserts and chocolate. Gradually during 1 month increase to 1-3 teaspoons, 1-3 times per day.il_570xN.812054379_bzwz

For children ages 5 and older (start with just a sprinkle and work up to 1/4 teaspoon) and adults of all ages (at the full dose of 1-3 teaspoons).

PLEASE NOTE: Not to be taken during pregnancy or while breast-feeding, though it is ideal if you can consume it as part of preparing your body to conceive the healthiest child ever, and to deeply nourish + restore your body after breast-feeding is complete.

EY 300g Label 01 RGB

Order Everlasting Youth in our shop HERE!

The information above has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please research these ingredients especially if you are pregnant. Everlasting Youth has been manufactured in facilities that at times also process wheat, soy, corn, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Everlasting Youth for Women - with play button

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You are 100% worthy of any health goals of which you can conceive.
Find out why in my latest video entitled ‘Awareness + Self Esteem – Society Standards = Extraordinary Health’

Being ‘into’ health, performing better with what you do, getting out of pain, and experiencing greater and greater states of being human is one thing. But actually, consciously realizing that you deserve those things – that you are worthy of them, and that any extra time and energy it takes to develop the habits that get you those things are worth it because you are worth it – is where the rubber hits the roadI want you to love you so much that you follow through with your health goals. So please watch my video above to get a kick in the personal clarity pants.
To your greatest health possible!
-Christian Bates

Awareness + Self Esteem - Society = Extraordinary Health

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I’d like to introduce you to 4 awesome concepts that may just help you get to your next level of health faster, easier, smarter and with greater results! Enjoy the video!

Does that shiny (well, normally shiny but it was covered in nutritious brown spores!) red conk I was holding up in the video turn you on? If so I’m sure you’ll feel really epic on Longevity Power’s Epic Reishi!

To your greatest health!

Biohacking, Nootropics, Transhumanism and ReWilding

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Dogma 2

During the past 15 years of daily dissecting the habits of peak performers and nutrition experts, I’ve discovered that all of us, even the greatest of health educators, are often enough guilty of dogma (stating ideas that just aren’t true all the time.) So in the pursuit of your own greatest version of yourself, please watch this video so that you can better navigate your way away from dogma (mistakes and booby traps that everyone makes) and step into sensibly (and powerfully) nourishing your unique body. Full steam ahead!

Add in the good, avoid the dogma, be sensible, unleash human excellence! Watch:

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April Fools Label BOTTLE RGB
In both the clinical lab and the mainstream media, the biggest health concern today is: Hormones. Hormonal health is the vitality of your endocrine system – the master switches of your body’s ability to maintain energy, be resilient to stress, to think clearly, and to fight off disease like tumorous growths.


Biologically speaking, healthy hormonal balance is the foundation for the protection of your immune system and the genetic integrity of your cells. Epigenetics is the study of how your body expresses different traits and states of health not directly from inherited genetics but from different nutritional and environmental factors and fluctuations in hormone levels.


I’ve always wanted to develop a product that could profoundly address hormone balance and epigenetic expression. However, using traditional herbs like Organic Reishi and Black Maca Extract is a challenging business model for reaching the masses because these herbs are not subsidized by the United States government. Fortunately, there is a powerful superfood that is: Soya. I spent the last several years developing a proprietary extract using 100% Round-Up-Reddiness Soyabean extract that we painstakingly concentrated to contain at least 20% glyphosate – a compound known since 1970 to have a supremely powerful effect on plant and human synthesis of specific essential amino acids.

AApril Fools Label BOTTLE RGBnnouncing the launch of DNA Enforcer!

Every 100 gram serving packs a powerful punch to your digestive system, nervous system, brain and every organ in your body, including your skin. In fact, because glyphosate can pass through your skin and bypass your liver getting directly where it needs to go, I have developed a topical face mask recipe to dramatically enforce your beauty and uplift your secondary sex characteristics:

Mix in a bowl with a spoon:

3/4 cup DNA Enforcer

1/2 cup water*

1/4 cup 100% pure vegetable oil

1 teaspoon Organic avocado

*Fluoride-free water not recommended 


Are you ready to take control of your health and use this convenient and tasteless beautiful orange powder daily!?

Well, don’t flip your lid yet because….

April Fools!!

April Fools Bottom

If you know Longevity Power, then I probably didn’t fool you for long, because you know that we NEVER use genetically modified ingredients and we never allow any pesticide residues (like the herb-killer glyphosate) in our products.

After making my faux DNA Enforcer label I had the thought – I should have said “now with added low glycemic corn syrup!” Unfortunately most modern convenient foods and even “healthy” protein shakes in real life are not far off from this imaginary health abomination.

Let me know if I gotcha in the comments below. Do you have an absurd product idea with which you’d like to fake people out? Or maybe a real product you’ve heard of so absurdly unhealthful “you just can’t make this stuff up?” Let me know! Happy April Fools!

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My Top 3 Survival Foods

If you hang out with nutrition hipsters and supplement snobs like me (I’m kidding… or am I?…) long enough you’ll end up taking part in the game of:

“If you could only take ______ while stranded on an island, what would it be!?”

The blank ______ could be anything health related. ‘1 herb’ or ‘2 kitchen tools’ or in the case of the following fun and insight-giving video, it’s ‘3 consumables.’ Asked and answered by mua (though I’ve been asked this question about twice yearly by many dedicated individuals interested in cracking their code of everlasting vitality & youth (which is also the name of a product I co-created by the way), every year, for the past 12 years and I admittedly have changed my answers many times). So take my top 3 survival consumables video with a grain of sea salt and a light immortal heart.


What 3 essentials would you take to your desolate island to make it paradise?


To your greatest health!

Christian Bates

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Sexy Genius Frozen Custard Recipe Holiday Spice Version

Welcome to the ultimate experience in brain-boosting, libido-driving, nerve tonic desserts: The Sexy Genius Frozen Custard! Frozen custard is ice cream with extra egg yolk. It’s whipped up to whip you up. This is one badass form of nutritional therapy to revamp every biological system in your body. No sugar, no dairy proteins, no toxic stuff, no ‘cheat’ ingredients. Just pure elite-grade superfood goodness. Are you ready to turn on?


Holiday Spice Sexy Genius Frozen Custard

Makes 1 heaping cup


Blend for about 20 seconds in a blender: 

1 cup very warm spring water – cause it’s all about that base

3-4 organic raw pasture raised duck egg yolks (or about 5-7 organic pasture raised chicken egg yolks) deliberately get the very best beyond free range eggs you can find and observe safe handling with raw animal products

1 cup organic ghee – this is nerve, brain, gut, and sexual health precursor manifest, OR organic refined coconut oil – metabolic brain energy booster

1/2 to 1 cup grass-fed-derived collagen powder (non-gelatinous) – highly digestible, gut healing, grit-free protein powder

1 teaspoon organic cinnamon powder (Ceylon “true” cinnamon is best, but cassia cinnamon will do)

1 – 2 teaspoons Longevity Power Maca Bliss – puts the sexy and genius in Sexy Genius

1/2 teaspoon Longevity Power Longevity in a Bottle – puts more sexy and genius in Sexy Genius times 40!

1/2 teaspoon ground vanilla bean

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon stevia extract powder, to taste, or your favorite wholesome sweetener, to taste

2 pinches freshly zested/microplaned organic nutmeg, or more to taste – if you can’t find nutmeg right away, you could use cloves, allspice, ginger, or orange zest

tiny pinch sea salt

OPTIONAL, but highly recommended for women: 1 teaspoon Everlasting Youth – the Ultimate Instant Tonic Herbal Beauty Elixir Blend for Health Conscious Women (and Conscious Cool Men)


This custard is already ready to eat warm, but since it will make your body hot hot hot and light your genius brain ablaze, let’s freeze it! If you have an ice cream maker, in it goes. Otherwise place in a bowl in the freezer for 2 – 4 hours, stirring half way through.

Serve topped with additional cinnamon powder and freshly ground nutmeg. Or on your favorite super healthy pie!

May you use this dessert/breakfast/lunch/meal/snack as one of your top tools for unleashing all your latest greatness this holiday season!


To your greatest health!



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Shit Spring Water Enthusiasts Say

If you’ve ever hung out at a spring, this one’s for you (FUNNY!)….

You’ll notice all our tonic herb elixir recipes encourage spring water usage as the base ingredient.

If you live in or visit Northern California, join out our Bay Area Spring Water, Wild Food & Vitality Meetup Group!

Bay Area Spring Water Meetup Group Logo

To your greatest health!

Christian Bates

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Health Motivation-Root Your Body

In this video you’re going to learn 1) why your human body is just like a plant, 2) why you are so much more powerful than you think that you are and 3) about the coolest stuff I have experienced in the last 2 months.

For your motivation, I present my newest video: Sit up straight, Express your body, Get Happy!


To your greatest health!

Christian Bates

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