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This Herbal Chocolate Dipped Fruit recipe will:

- protect your DNA from environmental toxins (many of the herbs are detoxifying and cell-protective in nature)
- unleash the better side of your genetics – tap into your greatest physical + emotional potential
- insure your health beyond what traditional health insurance could ever possibly offer
- give you resilience to stressful situations so you’re not bogged down by depleted energy dealing with life

Melted Choco BowlINGREDIENTS

You only need to buy 2 items to make this recipe – I’ve kept it super simple for you!

1) Fresh organic ripe fruit (preferably from your local farmer’s market for berries, and if you use bananas please make sure they’re super ripe!)
2) 1-4 Chocolate Goldies (you can use more; this is a starting amount and what I used to make the recipe in pictures shown)

Choco Dipped Mixed Fruit

1) Melt 4 Chocolate Goldies at a low temperature in the oven or hot water bath (in a bowl that’s within a bigger bowl of hot water) on top of the stove (each bar is 1 ounce so you’re melting 4 ounces total).
2) Chop your fresh fruit into bite-size pieces, place together on a plate for easy quick access, and get your natural wood / bamboo tongs & a spoon ready for action.

1) With the melted chocolate in a bowl next to your plate of organic fruit, pick up a piece of fruit with the tongs, scoop a spoonful of the chocolate and pour over the fruit, let the excess drip off, and gently place on a separate clean plate.
2) Repeat until all fruit is used (don’t forget to taste test!) ;)

The Chocolate Goldies are a TEMPERED perfected superfood chocolate bar allowing your chocolate to naturally harden within minutes of being dipped with fruit. Once all fruit has been dipped or drenched, serve and enjoy as is, or pop in the fridge to relish later. YUM!!

Choco Dipped Blueberries Collage

The question may arise if you *have* to use the Chocolate Goldies – or can you just melt some bitter cacao paste, add some dried herbal powders, and call it good? My answer is that sure you can do anything you want, but not if you want supremely silky smooth (stone ground), truly aphrodisiac style, endocrine-supporting (hormone-balancing) cacao alchemy that will activate your inner power, ability to give and receive love, and inspire you to want more for yourself.

I’ve meticulously formulated the Herbal Harmony flavor that you’ll use for this recipe and it goes way beyond just adding a tonic herbal powder blend (Longevity in a Bottle) to a chocolate bar. Shoot for the stars you guys and you’ll zoom right past them IF you raise your standards and align with the most potent high integrity nutrition that is 100% recognized by your body as real food.

Prioritize your health & happiness, today… right now! What could be more fun or delicious than whipping up a quick batch of these chocolate dipped fruits and enjoying them as a treat with friends? You and everyone you make these for will adore them not only because they are a quick raw dessert recipe to make, but because you get your infusion of 40 different adaptogenic tonic herbs in every single bite. You don’t need to know how to formulate tonics or how to synergize herbs for maximum potency and absorption. I’ve done this complex step for you!


Have you made any recipes using the Chocolate Goldies? If so, we’d love to hear what you’ve done with them! Post a comment below and share how herbal infused healthy desserts have played a key role in helping you eat better as part of your overall wellness strategy.

Chocolate is the most unifying food. Infused with Longevity in a Bottle (our 40 ingredient blend of superfoods & herbal extracts) takes it beyond comprehension. You *can* have your cake and eat it too… your future self will thank you for it! HIGH LEVEL NUTRITION is where it’s at.

♥ Bethanne
Founder of Edible Goddess + Creator of the Chocolate Goldies

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How to Make Ghee 2


OMGhee! ;-) Christian Bates teaches you how to make the healthiest ghee possible, describes its many remarkable health benefits, and even shows you how to save a botched batch:


Check out ‘Longevity Power Elixirs‘ recipes book for nutritious recipes with ghee!

Comment Question: What nutrient dense recipe made with ghee would you like me to make next?


To your greatest health!

-Christian Bates

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Is it time to change up your smoothie routine? Watch Christian Bates combine just the right special ingredients to create the ultimate energizing, immune strengthening, cell-repairing shake! You’ve never made a shake with a base like this before…



This versatile shake makes the perfect breakfast, pre-workout meal, recovery elixir and mouth-watering guiltless dessert!

Boundless Energy UnCoffee Shake

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Christian Bates blends up Goji Electrolyte Lime-ade Popsicles (Sugar Free Recipe) so you can energize, sweat and then cool off this summer!

Check out the powerfully revitalizing goji berry extract, Goji Joy!


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Christian Bates makes the most powerful tonic herbal elixir for maximum stamina, endurance and power!


Check out the ingredients:

Longevity in a Bottle

Maca Bliss

Goji Joy

Mushroom Immunity


Comment question: What are your favorite herbs this week?

To your greatest health,

Christian Bates

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Christian Bates makes collagen protein ice cream with ghee and Longevity in a Bottle!

Omnivore Ice Cream


Comment question: What other flavors of peak performance ice cream would you like me to make next!?


To your greatest health!

-Christian Bates

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Christian Bates here, founder of Longevity Power. Presenting…. the story of my health journey. May it inspire you and give you insight into your own health journey!



Christian Bates Before & After Pictures 01 SMALLER

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High carb? Low carb? Which carbs? This 1 category of carbohydrates is hardly present in a modern agricultural diet. Yet it continues to scientifically demonstrate profound immune strengthening effects and correlates with the ability to defend against cancer, radiation, infection and many diseases.*

Watch my video to learn about the time-tested carbohydrate group Po____________es:


To your greatest health imaginable!

-Christian Bates

*This statement, article and video are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease nor make any medical claims of any sort. This is purely opinion for educational purposes only. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their qualified holistic physician before using this or any nutritional education.

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Today is day 1 of my 30 Day Video Challenge! To kick things off, I briefly make clear the ancient practice in Chinese Tonic Herbalism of nourishing the 3 Treasures that keep you alive and thriving!

I’ll be posting each day discussing my favorite nutrition and fitness topics for creating the healthiest life imaginable together!

Oh yeah, did I mention I shot the video in an ice cold creek! That’s what you can do too when you build the 3 treasures in your body:

The 3 treasures of Chinese tonic herbalism are qi, jing and shen! You can saturate your body with them HERE.

Explore and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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