100% Organic Mental Clarity (Herbal Fuel for a Healthy Brain)

100% Organic Mental Clarity (Herbal Fuel for a Healthy Brain)

Bad for your brain and nervous system: Eating an industrial diet rich in oxidized vegetable oils, sugar and chemicals and low in minerals and essential nutrients.

Good for your brain and nervous system: Eating an organic/wild/sustainable/traditional/local diet rich in healthy fats, specific healthful carbs, minerals and essential nutrients.

Really great and restorative for your brain and nervous system: Eating the best version you can of the diet above as well as specific therapeutic fats and herbs/nutraceuticals/supplements that protect against stress and accelerate the healing of your nerves and brain!

Today, it’s not enough to just “eat healthy” because most of us grew up eating damaging foods, being exposed to environmental toxins (many of which are fat soluble and effect the nerves, brain and endocrine system), and experiencing various levels of stress and trauma. Our brain was perhaps built with less than what it needed, and so now it requires therapeutic nutrition to get back its elemental integrity and to be able to give you the gift of a calm and healthy mind so that you may take consistent action on your biggest dreams and passions.

Talking herbs: My top two picks of herbs that support the brain for mental calm and clarity are reishi mushroom and red asparagus root.

These two tonics have been traditionally used for thousands of years in Asia. However, high quality potent versions of them remain rare today.


Red asparagus root has finally become in-the-know by those that study adaptogens and tonic herbalism. But it’s almost impossible to find. I have spent years trying to find an extract that was consistent in quality and very potent and now I can say that we have it! It’s 100% certified organic and delicious red asparagus root extract. It’s called Levity.


Reishi mushroom is easy to find but most of it is “commodity reishi” which is grown on nutrient-poor substrates of grain or sawdust which create nutrient-poor reishi. I also spent years trying premium reishi extracts seeking the very best one possible. I can confidently say that I now have the very best. It is arguably better than wild reishi that one could harvest and brew his or her self. Here’s why: It’s not grown on grain or sawdust. It’s not even grown on logs (which can yield good reishi but I often question the forestry conservation ethics done by such logging). It’s grown on organic and wild herbs and grasses (40+ species used) that are composted, cooked and then inoculated with reishi. This sustainable substrate is so nutrient dense it makes the reishi higher in polysaccharides, richer in germanium and have novel compounds too. The final product is a 100% organic deep dark coffee-like-flavored extract powder we call Epic Reishi.

Stacking Levity and Epic Reishi together (you can mix in just about anything such as a tasty elixir or a bullet proof coffee or a smoothie) helps one feel very calm yet clear and energized while building resilience to stress and nourishing the rest of the body all day long.

Go ahead and order yourself some Levity and Epic Reishi (and maybe some other pure adaptogen formulas in the brain fuel section of our shop


 Mental clarity…


To your greatest health in every way!

-Christian Bates


Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.

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