34 Habits That Can Radically Improve Your Life (Video Short)

34 Habits That Can Radically Improve Your Life (Video Short)

It all starts with you. Boldly care for your body and mind. Work diligently to grow and help others grow. Reject modernity, embrace ancestral. Be brave and always tell the truth. Master the fundamentals AND your gifts. Build yourself and pay it forward.

Which of these 34 habits are you implementing?

Deep Long Sleep

The foundational way to optimize your day and everything happning in your body.

Block Blue Light at Night

Get your circadian rhythm and hormones on point.

Nature Immersion

Soothe your mind and soul like a primal human.

Sunlight Everywhere

Naked sun time massively boosts Vitamin D, Serotonin and Testosterone.

Movement Exercise

Functional movement for joint health, muscular balance and longevity.

Going Barefoot

Widen and connect those feet for optimizing postural health and feeling alive.

Minimalist Shoes

Because toe-binding arch-crushing foot coffins are for normies.

Weight Training

The ultimate brain boosting, hormone optimizing, longevity exercise and metabolism hack.

Cold Plunge

Strengthen your nervous system, build resilience to stress and become unstoppable.


Sweat it like a boss.


An essential practice for finding delight in harsh truth.


And prayer to become the master of your own mind.

Check your own Facts

Question authority. Build trust in your own discernment.

Ditch Seed Oils, Soy and Pesticides

These aren't foods. These are big agricultural poisons.

Eat Pastured Nose-To-Tail Nutrition

Humanity was built on the whole animal. Be the highly nourished ultimate apex predator you are.

Slather on Pastured Animal Fats

Satiation, energy and nerve force loves it.

Sea Salt

Your blood is an ocean, not a lake.

Take Magnesium

Most are deficient. Helps with sleep, stress and mental health.

Drink Fresh Spring Water

The only pure water is high quality ground (spring and well) waters. Surface waters are contaminated.

Drink Adaptogen Elixirs

Build your endurance and adaptability daily.

Drink Functional Mushroom Elixirs

Build your focus and immunity daily.

Pause the WIFI

Turn your router and phone off at night and shield from electro-pollution as much as you can.

Turn Off the Indoctrination Machine

Throw your TV out the window for good.

Think for Yourself

You might be the only one, but you might be right.

Bond with Your Loved Ones & Protect Them

Ultimate soul fuel. Love your family above the wills of society.

Turn on Your Daily Creativity

You have so much to offer. Get the deep work in.

Be Brave

I'll be brave with you. Do what's right in your heart.

Expose Corruption

Let the truth hang out in the open for all to see.

Tell the Truth

It will set you free.

Take Massive Action

Like right now.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

No question, you are 1000% lovable.

Dedicate Your Life to Helping People’s Lives Be Better

Provide value for good and skyrocket your life!


What did I miss?

Put it in the comments!

Cheers to your taking your health and life to greater heights and thriving!


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