7 Ways I Eat the Most Nutritious Food on Earth

7 Ways I Eat the Most Nutritious Food on Earth

LIVER – the most nutrient-rich food of all time - contains copious amounts of:

🥩Vision and immune-strengthening preformed Vitamin A (retinol)
🥩Brain-nourishing choline
🥩Energizing B-vitamins including B12 (so much so that it can turn your urine a bit neon yellow the way a vitamin B supplement tends to)
🥩Heart-nourishing CoQ10
🥩Bio-available iron
🥩Skin-beautifying hyaluronic acid
🥩Complete Protein
🥩Healthy Low-PUFA Fatty Acids

…and other co-factors that streamline your system for feeling good and performing better all day.

Watch my 1 minute video on the 7 ways I eat beef liver daily:

I’ve found that adding back in nose-to-tail nutrition like liver makes it so much easier to do the other core ancestral practices like strength training, embracing cold, not fearing the sun, and sleeping more soundly and feel good all the time.

Cheers to your taking your health and life to greater heights and thriving!🔥


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