7 Weird Categories of Food Your Ancestors Ate that Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

7 Weird Categories of Food Your Ancestors Ate that Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

Your ancestors passed down health traditions that allowed them to successfully reproduce and create you! I was born in 1985, so I don’t actually know what your ancestors did hundreds of generations back. But I can use deductive reasoning to unveil the top 7 weird categories of food your ancestors ate (and current traditional indigenous peoples eat) that can dramatically improve your health: These are eating habits done before the agricultural revolution (which allowed us to eat and behave very differently from before) more than 10,000 years ago.

Despite modern toxicity that debilitates our endocrine systems and fertility, adding back in these ancestral traditions may help you and the rest of humanity thrive and continue to breed every generation. Would you agree that continuing the mainstream’s toxic behavior would eventually create serious life expectancy and sterility problems in both genders? Let’s take a blast to the past (and a look at recent and current indigenous diets) and see what we’ve been missing:

7. More Herbs (Less Agri-veggie?)


The modern ‘healthy’ diet consists of vegetables that took thousands of years to create. There’s nothing wrong with consuming lots of fresh organic veggies, but they don’t have it all. In fact, over the generations, farmers have bred farmed plants to be less medicinal (less bitter), more sweet and bigger than each species’ wild origin. By having lots of veggies, we have forgotten where our alkalinity and roughage used to come from: wild veggies a.k.a wild herbs. We would seek out herbs to tonify our body with nutrients that nourish our nervous system, build strong bones, and feed our immune system. Modern veggies – as great as they are –  don’t do this as well as a plethora of tonic herbs like horsetail, gynostemma and Chinese asparagus root to name a few.


6. Small Non-Sweet Fruits

Hawthorn Berry

Modern fruits have been bred to be magnitudes more sugary and less medicinal. Have you ever had a hawthorn berry? It’s like eating a tiny apple – but bland and nearly sugar free – yet loaded with medicinal compounds safe for daily use. How about a shisandra berry? This Asian berry now grown in the west is extremely sour, tastes like a raisin mixed with citric acid and allspice, and yet is very energizing and beautifying, great for the liver and actually tastes really good when combined with other sweeter berries.


5. Medicinal Non-Sugary Roots

Cured rehmannia root slices

Modern carrots and potatoes: NOT what our ancestors ate. These foods have been bred to be astronomically higher in carbohydrates than their wild origins, and lower in medicinal compounds. No offense to carrots but our ancestors ate roots that were so much richer in nutrients and didn’t create a sugar spike – like rehmannia root, He Shou Wu, maca root, burdock root and ashwagandha root. The root herbs fortified the immune system, gave long-burning energy to the body, and still had plenty of satisfying flavor.


4. Mushrooms – Gourmet and Medicinal

Turkey tail mushroom

Edible (gourmet) mushrooms that grow in perfect symbiosis in a forest are one of nature’s wonders – and I’ll take the wild mushroom over a techy grown button mushroom any day. However, the real healing medicine is in the medicinal mushrooms, half of which are too woody to eat, but can be made into a tea. The medicinal mushrooms include the tree conks Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail. Our ancestors used these for energy and immune system health, and often as tinder for fire starting also.


3. Tonic Tea

Many herbs are edible whole, but most are very fibrous and are best extracted with hot water to create a tonic tea. Indigenous tribes are noted to keep a stash of blended herbs to cook in water daily. Make like your ancestral grandparents and fall in love with herbal tea making.

2. Daily Antimicrobial Staple

We know parasites are a big issue in the wild, but even low grade germs (viruses, bad bacteria, fungus) must be dealt with daily to keep our ancestors’ immune systems and vitality running strong. Consuming plants that have antimicrobial properties like garlic, medicinal mushrooms, and basically anything bitter or rich in essential oils is how we create a terrain in our body that is unsuitable for opportunistic organisms. Your distant family tree members excelled in finding herbs that did not harm their guts’ beneficial bacteria, but was antibiotic against foreign invaders.


1. Let Food be thy Aphrodisiac, Let Aphrodisiacs be thy Food.


Hippocrates said it best: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Everyone knows what the 1st part of this quote means: food as medicine means wholesome organic foods help heal. The 2nd part is not always understood: Medicine as food means that herbal medicine should not be something separate from your lifestyle, but rather herbal medicine should be daily integrated as food and with other foods. I regularly eat herbs as kind of a mini meal replacement. I don’t need the calories, I just need the herbal nourishment and my body is ready to energize through the next activities of my day.

Many foods have aphrodisiac qualities – like maca, cacao, fresh pressed oils, and goji berries. Most tonic herbs are aphrodisiacs – some more-so than others. No, letting aphrodisiacs (like Cistanche stem, Eucommia bark, Ginseng, Cordyceps mushroom, pine pollen and more) be thy daily food doesn’t always make someone unbearably horny all day (although it can), but it does supercharge the endocrine system, help the body maintain hormonal balance, and maximize fertility in women and sperm count in men.

Sex tonics are beauty tonics are longevity tonics are mood-lifting tonics are immune-system tonics. When we have a lifestyle abundant with aphrodisiac herbs and foods like our ancient ancestors did, we have a strategy for vitality and hormone balance that can reverse the damage done by toxic lifestyles and life long exposure to modern chemicals.




If you made it this far into my article, then you must share the romantic notion as I do of wanting to escape to the wild and relish in the vitality of living off the land and the rush our soul feels as we connect to the Earth and disconnect from everything else. I don’t know anyone who eats a 100% wild indigenous diet like our ancestors – the learning curve and strictness is just way too high and inappropriate for most at this time. So, given that we have some ties to modern lifestyles, how do we orient ourselves to be in the direction of our ancestor’s wild health without having to spend a lifetime just learning the tools of the trade?

Enter: Longevity in a Bottle. Shameless plug, but I believe in my product. Longevity in a Bottle is an herbal supplement/food/medicine I spent years creating. It contains 41 of the world’s greatest superfood and herbal extracts balanced just so to create a wild dose of vitality, immunity, resilience to stress, sustained energy with no crash, and peak performance.

Longevity in a Bottle contains concentrates from each of the 7 ancestral food categories mentioned above: Tonic herbs, medicinal fruits and roots, medicinal mushrooms, antimicrobial substances, and aphrodisiacs!

I invite you to just add it in so you can up-level your health to the virility of your ancient ancestors. You can’t miss what you never had, so taking the herbs in Longevity in a Bottle will not only sky-rocket your health, it will educate your cells and your body’s intuition to know what’s next on your health journey. I want you to have the tools to live a loooooooooong life and the clarity to make your highest dreams for yourself come true.

To your greatest health!


Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are for informational and educational use only. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, should consult with their holistic physician before using these or any nutritional products.

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