What Does Taking Adaptogens (Adaptogenic Herbs) Feel Like? PART 2

What Does Taking Adaptogens (Adaptogenic Herbs) Feel Like? PART 2

In this video you'll learn:

  • What defines adaptogens as such an important 'missing food group' for health, high performance, longevity and becoming more impervious to stress.
  • What the top, most effective, best bang for your buck adaptogenic herbs are and their benefits
  • What each of these adaptogens actually make you feel like. HINT: The adaptogen feels are powerfully uplifting for mood, focus, body energy, vary greatly from herb to herb, and may delightfully surprise you!

    If you missed part 1 of how adaptogens make you feel click here.


    With love,

    Christian Bates

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    Christian, your products are so exceptional and effective! I am 73, take no medications and feel wonderful! All the information you share on health is right on! I’ve been taking your products well over 3 years. You and your products are amazing! Wish I could have all of them every month. My favorite is Longevity in a bottle, and mushroom immunity which I also give my dogs, and they are so healthy! Wish I could share this with everyone, …thankyou so much,…ones quality of life is the most precious gift there is!! Thankyou again!💖

    E'elah Ahart

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