Do You Eat Enough Species? How to Hack Your Nutrient Diversity.

Do You Eat Enough Species? How to Hack Your Nutrient Diversity.

This is just your daily reminder to keep your cells healthy and high performing by beginning to consume a much greater diversity of foods than you thought you needed.

Go through almost any recipe book or restaurant around the world and you’ll find an infinite permutation of flavors and textures, BUT they are actually serving you mostly the same few species of foods over and over again. A couple species of grain (wheat, rice), a couple roots (potatoes, carrots, sugar beets), a few animals (chicken, pork, beef, sheep, shrimp, some fish), dairy and eggs from two of those animals, a couple species of vegetables (cruciferous, lettuce), and a few or so each of seeds, oils of some of the same seeds, nuts, sweet fruits, spices and sweeteners. That's just 2 dozen species or fewer... for life! Even my favorite farm to table organic purveyors are mostly guilty of this: A meat, a starch, a veg and some sugar and spice.

If you’ve made your way to this website, chances are you’ve broadened your food diversity a bit more. But are you content? Isn’t it finally time to gather the genetic and nutrient diversity of at least a hundred species the way your ancient ancestors had to?

Many of these top few species of food of course can be prepared in the healthiest of ways and can, if right for your body, be very appropriate for your health and performance protocol. I do find it personally disturbing though to know that I would be limited to just an average of a dozen species society chose for me, instead of the much wider genetic and nutritional diversity I could choose instead and that my ancestors would have chosen with me.

There are 3 ways I know of to more than quadruple the species you consume and give your cells the missing nutrients and more novel compounds that help your cells thrive when the tough gets going – that way you can achieve the level of happiness, focus and physical resilience you are truly capable of.

One way is to learn to forage, hunt and fish. Do it! However, it will take quite a while to build up the skills to get the diversity you need.

Another way is to travel the world and eat in regions that specialize in harvesting different species. That will also take some time and effort, and may prove more difficult to find food prepared healthfully and that actually are diverse.

My 3rd way is, of course, by consuming adaptogen formulas, which are made up of entirely different species from your standard food fair, and contain concentrated therapeutic doses of rare nutrients that your cells may have been craving your whole life!

That’s why I offer adaptogen formulas like Longevity in a Bottle (40 species of adaptogen extracts!), Mushroom Immunity (24 species of medicinal mushrooms from around the world!), Revival Formula (24 species of superfoods and herbs from the land and the sea) and Everlasting Youth (34 revitalizing species of nutraceuticals, down the hatch please!) These adaptogen formulas contain only the most concentrated versions available of the most well-researched top time-tested tonics of each of the top herbal-food systems of humanity. Still, working just with the more famous adaptogens, the genetic diversity and scope of human-active-compounds is already immense.



May you continue to holistically better your diet and lifestyle at your own pace and have a lot of fun with it! May your choices be based on information that is accurate to what your body truly desires so that you can get the results you deserve, now!



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