3 Mysterious Factors that Determine Extraordinary Health

3 Mysterious Factors that Determine Extraordinary Health

You are 100% worthy of any health goals of which you can conceive.

Find out why in my flash back from 4 years ago video entitled ‘Awareness + Self Esteem – Society Standards = Extraordinary Health.’ Hear me out (I've learned a lot since 4 years ago, but man I was passionate back then too!) as I dive into the mental game that is health and performance.

Also, I open this video calling you 'Longevity lovers' which - I can't tell - is either cringeworthy or super based. You decide. 

Being ‘into’ health, performing better with what you do, getting out of pain, and experiencing greater and greater states of being human is one thing. But actually, consciously realizing that you deserve those things – that you are worthy of them, and that any extra time and energy it takes to develop the habits that get you those things are worth it because you are worth it – is where the rubber hits the roadI want you to love you so much that you follow through with your health goals. So please watch my video above to get a kick in the personal clarity pants.


To your greatest health possible!

-Christian Bates


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