It's okay to be bored with your green powder too...

It's okay to be bored with your green powder too...

Green superfood powders were my gateway into getting serious about my nutrition 17 years ago. They felt pretty good at first. A few years into starting my days with green powder drinks... I hit a wall with them!

I started to think and feel like I was consuming poorly absorbed dried grasses and vegetables with added fiber. Oh wait, I was! Doesn’t that sound more like rabbit food?

Many green powders have some worthwhile ingredients. I'm not knocking on any particular products and I'm so grateful to so many of these as they were catalysts in my health journey!

Having said that though, as I got into adaptogens and more elite-level hardcore paleo nutrition, I knew my body needed nourishing protective greens but I actually felt a little silent almost dry-heave when I thought of consuming more grass powders. And with the latest science-validated concern about anti-nutrients in certain veggies, I felt an internal revolt against consuming just dried milled veggies and oxidized juice powders over and over again. I needed an upgrade!

I deeply wanted a delicious but robust uber green blend that worked for me without question! I had an excellent supply of brown powders (all my adaptogen products) and so I started my global search for the greens reserved for royalty (because your body is a royal temple that thrives on only the best!)

I formulated and formulated... and formulated some more! 8 exciting years later I present to you:

Revival is the most powerful rainbow green superfood blend ever with tons of extra benefits that put it in a new category of anti-aging formula! It is designed to give you the most concentrated dose of herbal nootropics, adult stem cell activators and alkaline greens in every spoonful, for high performance body and brain!

I took out the boring milled commoner veggies and replaced them with 6 of the world's most powerful micro and macro algae! Then I added 18 of the humanity's most important traditional adaptogen extracts to make it extra wholesomely badass!

Revival Formula is a supplement experience unlike any other. Only those who try it (we call them ‘the converted’) and experience the feeling actually know. Due to its thoroughly comprehensive blend of 24 micro algae, superfood, tonic herb and medicinal mushroom extracts, Revival helps unleash the most exquisite recharge of long lasting (we report for 7+ hours) focus and stamina with no crash (it’s caffeine free, sugar free, free of any other adulterants, just 100% pure superfood).

Learn more + see the ingredient list + order here!

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