How I Resolved Nutrition Information Overload

How I Resolved Nutrition Information Overload


According to the millions of studies, articles, videos, podcasts, experts and charts about human health at your fingertips, there are tens of thousands of nutrients and activities you ‘should’ be either doing or avoiding every freaking day!

Welcome to the information [overload] age of health and human potential.

Even if there was a determinable consensus detailing the one out of the infinite permutations of health practices fully optimized for your body, it would consume your every waking hour and likely cost a million bucks a week!

This is where my mind goes in my pursuit of health and happiness:

I’m constantly learning about what I could do, then determining what I actually can do, then experimenting with what I will do, and sticking with what I must do.

Does the sheer vastness of your daily health choices stir feelings of overwhelm?

Or are you in an excited state of awe at the creative health path before you, ready to achieve new levels of health and performance!?

It’s natural and okay to feel both ways.

My mind is this mixture of laid-back-go-with-the-flow dancing with hardcore-intense-caring! Relatable?

There is no infallible top-down approach to our health and lifestyle.

Instead, it’s something much more beautiful than that.

The way we impact our own health and help others is decentralized.

The harmonious prosperity that comes with each of us not knowing what’s best for everyone, but acting on what we think is best for ourselves and those we work closely with, is the reason we have as many health advancements, accessibilities and human accomplishments as we do now.

You are an essential part of this process.

Thank you for all your health mistakes (I’ve made so many in my 20 year health adventure), all the times you changed your mind, for all practices you consistently stuck with that brought you major benefits, and for all the times you passed your insights forward.

I’ll leave you with two of my favorite quotes by the motivational speaker Jim Rohn whom I listened to for hundreds of hours in my early twenties:

“What is easy to do is easy not to do.”

“Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.”

With love,
Christian Bates

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