Lions of Liberty Podcast with Christian Bates - Finding Longevity Power

How To Replace Evil Seed Oils with Ancestral Foods of Freedom: Christian's Lifelong Nutrition Lessons in 1 Podcast Episode

Get ready for my deep dive into

  • food freedom
  • spooky seed oil insanity
  • easy nose-to-tail nutrition
  • life on adaptogens
  • and the lessons I learned during the 20 years of my health journey in which I started fooled by big food's bogus narratives about nutrition to now thriving on an ancestral low-toxin high-bioavailability diet!
I was honored to be interviewed on the Lions of Liberty Podcast - a variety show podcast that stands for freedom, the curious pursuit of truth, and human flourishing - and one that I have been listening to every week since 2015!

The guys behind Lions of Liberty are legit, down to earth, often hilarious critical thinkers who's discernment on society's bonkers ways I value.

Host John Odermatt was prepared with a fun set of questions asking how to navigate and evade the top nutrition boobytraps in a modern food market corrupted by big industry including Big Pharma. Watch below or listen here and enjoy!👇

Yours in primal wellbeing mastery🔥,

Christian Bates

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