My Cat Turned 104 Years Young Today

My Cat Turned 104 Years Young Today

Emmy the Longevity Power cat!

Meet Emmy, your motivational longevity cat!

Born 1/1/2001! She just turned 22 - or 104 in cat years according to the internet.
You might be surprised by how many health and nutrition considerations humans have in common with cats.
I credit Emmy's graceful aging to her meticulous diet that she has had most of her life.
Just like with human food, most cat food is full of corn, soy, wheat and chemicals. These are gut-, immune-, metabolism-, and endocrine-disrupting inflammatory grains and compounds that no precious creature need endure.

Emmy Cat sleeps in
Most grain-free cat food is still pretty crappy too. Instead of grain filler, it may have seed oils, seed proteins, and low quality meats which present similar health-deteriorating side effects. I would compare such cat food to your typical gluten-free processed natural human faire that's not truly healthful.
Emmy gets human-grade, as-high-quality-as-can-get cat food which has mainly been a blend of raw and cooked meat, organs, ground bones and fish from quality sources mixed with carefully selected plants like squash and green leafies. I buy raw frozen ground cat food blends, high quality BPA-free canned cat food with almost no fillers, and make her my own blends from animal products I already buy for myself, making sure to add a little ground bone to keep the mineral ratios ideal for her.
No potatoes, pea protein or rice that is snuck into most organic cat food. I just see those 'seedy' ingredients as age-accelerating inflammatory cheap fillers for cats, maybe for many human bodies too.
Emmy only drinks fresh spring water I hand gather and is an indoor-outdoor cat who gets sun during the day and sleeps beside to me all night.
Her health isn't perfect. She is on hyperthyroid medication to keep her hormone levels on point, which is very typical of senior cats. But I think she's still rockin' it!

Emmy has a soft coat
The organ meats that have always come standard in Emmy's food products are liver, heart, kidney and whole ground bone.
But last year she finally got to go full nose-to-tail as I mixed into her food Longevity Power's Ancestral Feast - Pure Carnivore Blend (fully human-friendly and pet-friendly) so that she gets the full gamut of highly bioavailable nutrition from pasture-raised grass-fed beef bone broth, brain, blood, cartilage, thymus and pancreas too.
Emmy eats Ancestral Feast!
If you have cats or dogs, feel free to give both yourself and your pet a daily dose of Ancestral Feast and Thrive (the Pure Carnivore Blends only - the Garlic & Sage Blends are not for pets.) 
I'm so proud of my little Emmy cat (she has always been very small - 6 pounds!)
I'm excited to see if the additional Longevity Power ancestral nutrition (which includes the additional collagen, unique organ-specific peptides and co-factor nutrients, and additional highly-bioavailable vitamins and minerals in Ancestral Feast) will give her that much more quality of life and total-body resiliency such that she can stick around a lot longer as Chief Longevity Motivation Officer here at LP headquarters.
I hope that Ancestral Feast and the Longevity Power products you choose will fuel and awaken your cells to their most rejuvenated potential state and help you have the highest quality and longest life possible, just like Emmy!

Boost my health span

Yours in primal health mastery!🔥

-Christian & Emmy Cat

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