What Are the Differences Between the Top Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps?

What Are the Differences Between the Top Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps?

Medicinal mushrooms simply rock for your health and performance! I'm going to compare and contrast the different top mushroom species choices you have, as simply as possible.


After thousands of years of traditional usage in the biggest herbal systems of humanity, medicinal mushrooms have a record level of interest in the health and physical and mental performance categories of nutrition across the world now because they really are this awesome, they work (when sourced properly), they agree with most people's bodies/food sensitivities/dietary restrictions, and because there are more to choose from than ever.

Before I give you the cliffs notes on your shroom species choices, there is something you really need to know. The most common question I get is, "I took this brand [the most popular brand in natural food stores] and I didn't notice anything, what's up with that?"

You didn't feel much from that product because a majority of medicinal mushroom products out there including the most popular brands are cheap and weak and are made mostly from myceliated grain (a weaker mushroom growth that doesn't contain the same compounds or have the same effects as other parts of the mushroom) rather than mostly or entirely from fruiting body extracts or spores (the most potent 2 forms of mushroom which, when properly extracted, have plenty of the compounds that the research points to and should make you notice a plesent and sometimes strong focused energy depending on the dosage.)

Before you go trying different species of medicinal mushrooms, first make sure you are seeking fruiting body extracts (or whole fruiting bodies out of which you make a hot water tea) and cracked cell wall spores rather than just myceliated grain.

There are 2 exceptions to the rule above: Some Cordyceps sinsensis mycelium extracts can be really quite good. And if a mushroom product contains for instance 97% fruiting body extracts and spores and just 3% mycelium then it's still great.

The second most common question I get about medicinal mushrooms is "What are the differences between the different mushroom species and brands?" I'll answer that succinctly below.

Here are the top medicinal mushrooms, passed down by our ancestors through the ages, then heavily scientifically researched in the last 5 decades, to give your body and brain the support it needs:

(All the medicinal mushrooms are chiefly powerful immune system strengthening modulators that each have their own unique array of polysaccharides and compounds shown to be anti-tumor and anti-cancer supportive. Taking multiple medicinal mushrooms helps give you greater immune system resiliency.)


Reishi mushroom: Calm, chill focus. Especially great for stress and emotional support, feels uplifting, has an enjoyable mental perception shift.

Chaga mushroom: Cellular protection extraordinaire. Extremely high in dark pigmant antioxidants and melanin. Vanilla flavor, smooth energy, pull out all the stops for immune health.

Lion's Mane mushroom: Nature's nootropic - brain and nervous system support. Has been shown to induce NGF (nerve growth factor) synthesis. Really awesome head energy, to calm the nerves and boost mental performance in the short and long term.


Cordyceps mushroom: Athletic and sexual booster. Imparts an energy you'll want to physically use. Got early recognition for being used by olympic endurance athletes.

Shiitake, Maitake, Poria, Turkey Tail, and Royal Sun Agaricus mushrooms: Unleash total immune support. These 5 are perhaps the 2nd most important, well-researched and widely used after reishi, chaga, lion's mane and cordyceps.

Medicinal mushrooms are truly fun and the potential they have in improving your health and your life is very exciting.

I became so passionate about medicinal mushrooms 14 years ago, I decided to source them. I foolishly started sourcing weak grain mycelium powders in my early days (which only work when you gobble massive heaping tablespoons of the stuff to actually get any significant quantity of human-active compounds.)

I then started to source only the most properly grown or wildcrafted and potently processed mushrooms (requiring a much smaller dosage, usually about a teaspoon or so of an extract powder.) This lead to me founding Longevity Power and launching my top 2 medicinal mushroom products.

The first was Mushroom Immunity which gets you all the top mushrooms mentioned above, in the right form, in powerful potency and in the best ratios to each other, for a truly life-enhancing performance-skyrocketing formula. There's a whopping total of 35 different mushrooms in this baby:

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The second medicinal mushroom product I launched was Epic Reishi. This is the true connoisseurs reishi with extra chill, calm focus, immune support, perception-shifting benefits. This formula is half reishi fruiting body extract and half cracked cell wall spores and tastes very coffee-like. On top of that, Epic Reishi is the most sustainably grown certified organic reishi on the planet (learn more about how it's grown here): 

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Stay shroomed up and unleash your greatest health possible!


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