What We Lost When We Stopped Eating Ancestrally (and What I'm Doing About It)

What We Lost When We Stopped Eating Ancestrally (and What I'm Doing About It)

The USDA food pyramid created by the greatest government minds who love you (read that with sarcastic tone) was replaced a few years ago with the equally unhelpful MyPlate (basically a circular version of the food pyramid) which still doesn’t account for:

  • Food quality

  • What foods to not eat to avoid chronic inflammation and heart, gut and blood sugar diseases

  • Healthy fats – “Guzzle your seed oils – that’s a good global citizen”

  • Functional herbs – “No wellness-boosting adaptogens for you. Numb yourself with stimulants and be a good worker!”

  • Micronutrients from a wide variety of ancestral animal foods – “You vill eat zee beans (and now bugs) and you vill be happy!”

When eating biologically appropriate and ancestrally is replaced with a broken economic food system with incentive to keep you sick and dependent on big pharma and is held together by propaganda, we get all the chronic disease, obesity, auto-immune, gut, and mental health issues we have today.

I love to deliver to wellness-seekers what I think is the highest quality, most impactful nourishment possible and replace the broken food system that no longer serves you with foods that fully serve you:

  • 🍖 ancestral nose-to-tail animal nutrition with fully-loaded array of micronutrients we evolved to require

  • 🍠 gut-friendly + functional plant-based nutrition

  • 🫕 life-improving nourishment modernity forgot


For 10 years I’ve helped you regulate your mental and physical energy and improve your state of wellbeing with my Longevity Power adaptogen line.

Now it’s time to go deeper into your ancestral birthright of remarkable health by filling the remaining nutritional gaps we all lost to the whims of an industrial food system gone awry with...


Eat ancestral!


  • will quickly help you fill your nutritional gaps and attain a more robust state of health and confident state of mind

  • can use to stealthily introduce nose-to-tail nutrition to yourself, your kids and squeamish family members

  • can use to quickly upgrade any meal into an ancestral feast

  • will always want in your kitchen and on the go

Nourish like the fit apex predator (AKA human) you are regardless of modern conditions!


Christian Bates

P.S. My new products are different from but pair very well with my adaptogen line which you can order here.

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