They Wouldn't Do That? (But They Did)

They Wouldn't Do That? (But They Did)

I wanted to congratulate you on successfully navigating your way through a very interesting era.

It's the era where you get to figure out what's real and what's misinformation.

You even get to figure out which misinformation is disinformation and which misinformation is actually factual information.

The meme above is to remind you that indeed we live in a very peculiar age - one that has been in full swing for well over a hundred years now.

Due to the inherently corruptible power incentives of big government policies and big business in a time of explosive technological growth, an ever-increasing distortion of truths overlays the mainstream - especially and not limited to your health.

Follow the incentive trail: When a business or organization gets big, it tends to use its wealth and influence to lobby and propagandize with deceit. History shows us that this process tends to slowly get way out of hand too.

Just about every new unhealthy or downright toxic product has been deceptively marketed and shilled.

Just about every time-tested truly healthful product has been demonized at one time or another.

Humans are brilliantly cooperative, but, man, the incentives of big organizations to lie sure can get the best of us for a bit.

Yet eventually a truth can no longer be filtered.

This post is rooting for you to continue to question all purported consensus and think for yourself - which is probably the healthiest habit of all.

If you like this post, then you'll love my article Your Health vs. The Establishment where I go into a little more detail with cited sources on how they got cholesterol, fat and just about all of nutrition wrong for so long.

Cheers to your health and freedom

by any memes necessary, 

Christian Bates

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