My Top 5 Favorite Adaptogens for Focus, Strength and Relaxation

My Top 5 Favorite Adaptogens for Focus, Strength and Relaxation

Adaptogens are

  • stress-reducing
  • cellular-function-optimizing
  • nutrient-rich
  • safe-for-daily-use

extracts of plants and mushrooms that help you feel good, improve your health, and perform better long term.

I have taken over 50 stand-alone adaptogens from around the world in my life.

I love and am fascinated by all of Earth's top adaptogens and adaptogenic formulas. I want their benefits in my life so I can be the healthiest and most vitally alive, awake and aware, high-functioning human I can possibly be.

In this article I highlight my favorite adaptogens for

  • boosting your brain and nervous system to focus better
  • improving your body’s capacity for athletic strength and endurance
  • imparting a stress-reduced relaxed state

so that you may feel more alive than ever and empower your body and brain to perform at their best so you can conquer all your most important goals in your life.

Adaptogens provide simultaneous ‘opposite’ effects (like feeling a deep reservoir of enduring energy but also feeling an inner state of calm) as they improve multiple bodily functions at the same time - fostering the poise of equanimity of a healthy noble warrior.

I could list my top 10 or 20 adaptogens that truly fulfill the above mentioned benefits. But I want to share my personal top 5 all-star adaptogens that – especially during the past year and a half – I have found work so reliably for my body.

Every body is different. However, I find that these 5 adaptogens are also some of the most universal in providing a very clear and noticeable ‘you-feel-it’ benefits for those that imbibe.



Lion’s Mane is the smart medicinal mushroom. It’s nature's nootropic with brain and nervous system support.

Like all medicinal mushrooms, it has beta-glucans (complex ‘healing sugars’) which help strengthen the immune system.

Unique among other mushrooms, lion’s mane has a very particular lipid fraction (basically the fat of the mushroom called triterpenes) that when properly extracted has been shown to boost nerve synthesis in many studies (1) with very promising regenerative implications.

I love the body and head energy lion's mane gives as it soothes the nerves and boosts mental performance both soon after taking it and cumulatively long term with consistent use.

Lion’s mane produces 2 categories of triterpenes that together may boost nerve growth: Erinacines in it’s mycelium and hericenones in it’s fruiting bodies. The 2 strongest extracts possible that concentrate these triterpenes are the top 2 ingredients in Epic Mushrooms.


Cordyceps is the sexy and athletic medicinal mushroom.

I love the enduring energy in imparts. But it’s not a stimulant so it’s safe to take in the morning or at night, while you work, workout or relax. A true adaptogen in this way.

A strong extract of cordyceps contains cordycepin which is molecularly similar to ATP and may be a primary way it enhances cellular energy.(2)

Our very potent extract of Cordyceps militaris fruiting bodies is a top ingredient in Epic Mushrooms and is also in Longevity in a Bottle and Everlasting Youth.



Reishi is the mushroom of equanimity: A true mental-clarity-promoting, immune-system-strengthening adaptogen of the highest order.

The mood-uplifting, perception-shifting, stress-melting-away triterpene content of reishi could be described as serenity itself for my body. The triterpene effects on mental clarity and health (3, 4) are what sets reishi apart from the other mushrooms.

Reishi’s longevity-promoting deep-calm effects feel so good. What a foundational and fun staple adaptogen for any nutritional protocol!

I’ve concentrated the most possible mental-tranquility-inducing reishi triterpenes that one can in an extract powder into Epic Reishi.


Maca is the get-over-sluggishness fire-on-all-cylinders adaptogen. It’s warming and invigorating: South America’s true natural pre-workout and aphrodisiac.

Maca has it’s own unique lipid fraction – macamides – that boost endurance, cognitive function with neuro-protective properties.(5)

I don’t feel great consuming starchy hard to digest weak raw maca (what most maca products are.) I prefer a properly sun-dried high-macamide maca extract like Epic Maca so that I get the full life-enhancing effects of what maca has to offer.



Red asparagus root is the cooling, yin, restorative, immune-strengthening, stress-busting herb that balances all the go go go energy in my day.

It’s for the over-worked high-performing biohacker who needs to beautify and chillax while remaining focused and enjoy life like a boss.

The red asparagus mood-lift ‘flying-herb’ buzz is gentle but so delightful.

Red Asparagus is hard to find, yet I consider it one of the top tonic herbs of all time. I offer an organic very strong extract of it called Levity.



Within each of these 5 adaptogens are properties that help boost focus, strength and relaxation so that you can dynamically adapt to your day successfully.

May you find joy and fulfillment with these on your path of health and freedom.

P.S. If I had a top 15 I would add these 10 adaptogen favorites to my core stack:

Ashwagandha root for relaxation and deep calm.

Astragalus root for focused energy and cellular longevity.

Chaga Mushroom for immune strength and cellular protection.

Ginsengs (American and Panax) for strong energy and vitality.

Goji Berry for long burning energy and immune health.

He Shou Wu for rejuvenation, cellular protection and mood boost.

Nettle (root and aerial parts) for hormonal balance which helps with strength and vitality.

Noni Fruit for enduring strength and immune health.

Pine Pollen for hormone health and stamina.

Shilajit for strong stamina and stress-resilience

Shisandra berry for rejuvenation and mental clarity.

Christian Bates

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