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unlock a new realm of potential with the world's most potent and complete mushroom formula.

20 high-potency extracts made from 15 of the world's greatest functional mushroom species.

Supercharge your mind for clarity and focus. 

Build an impenetrable immune support.

Boost Athletic Performance and Recovery.

No Brain Fog, No Jitters, Just Stress-Free Energy. 

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Secret Elixir of Nature: Dive into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern science with our enhanced blend of 15 Functional Mushroom Species and 20 High-Potency Extracts for peak health, stress defense, and endless energy!


Our mushroom blend isn't just a collection of different species; it's a perfect symphony of multiple extracts from each mushroom, all working together to unlock their fullest potential. 


By incorporating various extracts of the same mushrooms, we have amplified and enhanced their individual strengths to new heights. 


Recharge Mind & Body: Elevate your daily performance with lion's mane mushroom triterpenes, supercharging nerve growth for unmatched focus and energy.


Fortify Your Immune Defense: Empower each cell with our potent mushroom beta-glucans and triterpenes, crafting a shield of wellness.


Athlete's Secret Weapon: Experience peak athletic performance. Stimulant-free, and fatigue-busting energy for your ultimate advantage. 


Deliciously Versatile Elixir: Transform any meal or drink into nature's most nutrient-dense product while tasting like an outer space chocolate shake powder. 100 % caffeine-free. 

science behind our products

20 organic functional mushroom full-spectrum standardized extracts and concentrates.


We have delved into the unique properties of each strain within a species, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive spectrum of benefits:


Organic Reishi (Daunwood Reishi): Often called the "Mushroom of Immortality," Reishi is known for its ability to support the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue.


Organic Cordyceps: This mushroom is famous for increasing stamina and athletic performance. It also supports respiratory health and may have anti-aging and sexual health properties.


Organic Lion’s Mane: Renowned for its brain-boosting abilities, Lion's Mane can improve cognitive function, memory, and concentration. It also supports nerve regeneration and may have antidepressant effects.


Organic Wild Chaga: Packed with antioxidants, Chaga can help fight inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce cholesterol. It's also known for its potential in supporting the immune system.


Organic Poria: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, Poria is known for promoting digestive health, diuretic properties, and contributing to mental well-being.


Organic Tremella: Also known as "Snow Mushroom," Tremella is celebrated for its skin-enhancing properties, promoting hydration and elasticity. It also supports overall immune health.


Organic Agaricus: This mushroom is noted for its ability to boost the immune system and may help in managing blood sugar levels and promoting heart health.


Organic Agrocybe: Known for its antioxidant properties, Agrocybe may support immune health and exhibit anti-inflammatory benefits.

Organic Auricularia (Wood Ear Mushroom): High in fiber and antioxidants, Auricularia is good for heart health and can improve blood circulation. It’s also used to support healthy skin.


Organic Maitake: Maitake is known for supporting the immune system and might help in balancing blood sugar levels. It’s also considered helpful for weight management.


Organic Oyster Mushroom: Rich in nutrients, Oyster mushrooms can contribute to heart and immune system health.


Organic Shaggy Mane: This mushroom is known for its support in liver health and have neuroprotective properties.


Organic Shiitake: Shiitake is popular for boosting the immune system, supporting heart health, and its potential anti-cancer properties.


Organic Turkey Tail: Rich in polysaccharides and antioxidants, Turkey Tail is mainly known for its immune-boosting properties and is often used in cancer therapy support.

how to use

Take 1 teaspoon of Epic Mushrooms.

Mix into pure water, tea, shakes, coffee, elixirs, juices, soups, milks and healthful desserts. Enjoy it hot or cold!

Savor a blend of 15 top functional mushrooms, delivering total body nourishment in every sip.

key Ingredients

Lion’s Mane

400 mg / Serving

Reduce brain fog and improve memory and focus. Stimulate brain cell growth.


Protection Against Infections. Experience fewer sick days. Anti-Cancer Properties. 

Duanwood Reishi

100 mg / Serving

Improved mental clarity, energy, and overall mood regulation.


Help regulate sleep cycle. Improve Rem sleep and combat insomnia.  

wild Chaga

150 mg / Serving

Potent antioxidant properties to support a healthy immune system.


Chaga is rich in melanin, supporting healthy skin and protection.

Organic Cordecyps

150 mg / Serving

Cordyceps boost the production of ATP, which is essential for delivering energy to the muscles. So more energy and stamina while reducing fatigue.


Also help in reducing inflammation in the body.

Turkey Tail

100 mg / Serving

Rich in polysaccharides and antioxidants, Turkey Tail provides total immune support, helping the body fight infections and diseases.and is often used in cancer therapy support.


Turkey tail is rich in prebiotics, which help nourish good bacteria in the gut.


Unlocking Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life.

The Golden Key to Peak Performance

epic mushroom vs other adaptogen blend

15 of the world's greatest Mushrooms in a single blend.


No more stacking supplements.

Need multiple different supplements. 

Dual extracts. Our leading-edge extraction methods ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.

Weak raw mycelium or low-quality extracts with few beneficial compounds. 

100% certified organic. 

Not organic