Epic Maca

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introducing the most potent maca blend ever formulated.

Peruvian 3-Month-Sun-Cured Black Maca root.

Increase Physical Performance and Recovery. 

Unshakable Focus and Productivity.

Reduce Fatigue and Sluggishness. 

No crashes, No Jitters, Just Stress-Free Energy. 

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Introducing Epic Maca – Dubbed the Ultimate Athlete's Supplement.  

Crafted from the rarest black maca, known for its unparalleled strength. Harvested from the untouched heights of the Peruvian Andes at 12,000 feet, this black is a revered, sacred superfood, treated with the utmost respect and care.

The secret to its extraordinary potency lies in the prolonged sun-curing process, a 3 month long procedure that meticulously preserves its purity and enhances its strength.

Nothing else. 0 fillers and additives.

Treat yourself to pure Maca for boosting physical strength, performance, mental focus and emotional calmness, in the same way, you cherish your morning coffee or tea.

science behind our products

The most potent and effective Maca formula available on the market. 


Discover the Secret Power of Macamides to Energize Your Life!


Macamides are a unique class of lipids found exclusively in the maca plant, and they offer exceptional health benefits.


These 18 unique compounds, derived from sun-dried maca roots, possess a range of essential benefits.


They can enhance mental clarity, boost endurance, and provide robust neuroprotective, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.


I specially ensure that each batch of Epic Maca, is standardized to contain 12 mg of macamides and macaenes per serving, which is considered an optimal dose for receiving the maximum benefits.  


That's 10 times higher than raw sun-dried maca and infinitely higher than non-sun-dried maca.


Extraction: Our meticulous long-sun-curing process, a traditional technique, is employed to enhance the maca's inherent qualities. Following this, we employ a sophisticated 10:1 water and ethanol dual extraction method. 


This carefully calibrated process is designed to efficiently concentrate maca's full spectrum of bioactive compounds - the energizing macamides, macaenes, detoxifying glucosinolates, protective flavonoids, and vital amino acids. 

This method ensures that each serving delivers the maximum potency and efficacy, truly honoring the sacred nature of this extraordinary superfood.