Revival Formula Has Been Discontinued

Dear health enthusiasts,

I have decided to discontinue Revival Formula simply because I no longer feel that algaes are the type of ingredients Longevity Power should focus on as a brand. We will continue to provide world-class adaptogen extracts and we will also be offering ancestral animal-based sources of nutrition soon. Stay tuned.

Seven years ago I developed Revival Formula for another company that specialized in algae so that they could also offer the wellness and performance-boosting benefits of premium adaptogen extracts to their customers. When that business closed its doors, I decided to offer Revival Formula at Longevity Power until now.

I know so many of your swear by Revival Formula so here is a list of my trusted sources of algae and adaptogens so that you can make your own "greens with benefits" elixir protocol:

Longevity Adaptogens - this fully replaces the adaptogen extract suite in Revival Formula
Wild Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon
Hawaiian Spirulina
Marine Phytoplankton from the Netherlands
Organic Chlorella

Cheers to your health freedom,

Christian Bates