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small business owner is disrupting the billion dollar multivitamin industry with his delicious beef organ powder.

A genius way of getting all the nutrients from organ meats–without any foul taste!


- By Sanchit Gabhane | Advertorial


“I personally love the garlic and herb blend, I love sprinkling it on eggs in the morning”- Susan M


Think the multivitamin industry is your friend? 


Think again! Multivitamin companies have been ripping all of us with overpriced gummies and tablets that seem to do nothing for us but lead us to urinate away 99% of these water-soluble vitamins without any actual nutrient absorption.


Resulting in no change in health, skin, nails or energy.


A genius small business has been fighting this dilemma for over a decade against big pharma brands with a simple yet delicious beef organ seasoning–which he packages and ships directly from his house!


It's as simple as sprinkling it on your favorite foods, providing 22+ essential vitamins and minerals, helping kids to seniors get all the essential nutrients for their body to grow and function optimally–from a single meal!


Christian, the owner of Longevity Power has discovered how to harness the nutritional benefits of 7 beef organs, blending them with garlic and herbs to produce a seasoning that not only elevates any dish to a restaurant level but also enhances it’s nutritional value instantly!, making it a must-have upgrade for every picky eater and health conscious folk.

So, what is Ancestral Feast?

Meet Nature's Multivitamin Ancestral Feast! 


Over 92% of Americans are deficient in at least one or more vitamins and minerals.


With Ancestral Feast, just 2 teaspoons a day, you're flooding your system with vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that your body has been craving.


A brand new way of putting back all the good stuff that's been taken out from today’s modern diet without consuming synthetic supplements manufactured in factories. 


Nourishing your body the way nature intended! 

What Makes Ancestral Feast So Special?

Ancestral Feast


A diverse spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Highly bioavailable & highest absorption.  

Made from high quality, grass fed, pasture raised beef.

2 teaspoons= ½ oz of fresh organs.

Tastes delicious like the fav seasoning in your pantry.

Packaged and shipped directly from home!

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Unlike factory-made vitamins that cut corners and skimp on half the essential nutrients, using cheap ingredients to maximize profits…


Ancestral Feast is delivering the real deal! 


Packed with bioavailable nutrients that your body can actually recognize and absorb. This means you get more “bang for your buck” with every scoop.


Ancestral Feast is the easiest, most effective way to get all the benefits of beef organs. It helps fortify your joints, smooths out those fine lines and wrinkles, helps regrow hair, and gives you a serious energy boost. All in one convenient, tasty powder!

Here’s what Christian the founder of Ancestral Feast had to say:

“I highly recommend adding beef organs to your diet, especially if you're low on important stuff like iron, vitamin B12, and overall energy. But let's be real: most grocery stores only carry liver, and finding all the other organs can be a total hassle and hell to prepare. 


That's why I created Ancestral Feast. I wanted to make it super easy for everyone to get all the awesome benefits of organ meats without having to hunt down kidneys and brains or hold their nose while stuffing them down. Our special blend packs seven of the most nutrient-dense beef organs and two types of collagen-rich bone broth extracts into one convenient, tasty powder.”

How to use Ancestral Feast?

Sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons into your favorite meals—in your breakfast, sauces, stir fry, lunch, or dinner. We recommend mixing it into hamburgers for an ancestrally upgraded feast!

Who is Ancestral Feast for?

  • Perfect for kids

    A remedy for picky eaters, just add a pinch to their breakfast-they wouldn't even notice!

  • Athletes

    Muscle-supporting, recovery-boosting nutrition for top physical performance.

  • Health-conscious folks

    Perfect all-natural solution to maintain optimal well-being and stay nutrient-rich.

  • Seniors

    Perfect for people rolling into their seniors years to help fight inflammation and improve joint health.

Reclaim Your Energy Naturally

Organ meats are nature's true "multivitamins" - They contain concentrated doses of virtually every nutrient the human body needs to thrive.


In a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Human Biology, researchers analyzed the Hadza's diet. 

One of the last remaining hunter-gatherer populations in the world, living a lifestyle similar to our Paleolithic ancestors.


The Hadza diet is composed primarily of wild animals, including a significant amount of organ meats. They practice nose-to-tail eating, meaning they consume nearly all parts of the animals they hunt, including the liver, kidneys, heart, and even the brain. Despite this heavy reliance on animal foods, the Hadza do not suffer from nutrient deficiencies or the chronic diseases associated with the Standard American Diet. In fact, they thrive on this nose-to-tail way of eating, maintaining excellent physical health into old age.


Furthermore, the Hadza have very low rates of chronic diseases that plague modern societies. A 2015 study in the journal Annals of Human Biology found that the Hadza had 0 reported cases of heart disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, or obesity. They also had low blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and excellent insulin sensitivity.


Turns out, our ancestors had it figured out! By munching on nutrient-packed organ meats, they stayed super healthy and dodged the chronic diseases we deal with today.


Imagine your body as a sports car engine. Would you fuel it with subpar gas?


Just like a high quality car needs high quality fuel, our bodies need a highly quality mix of nutrients to run optimally into our older years.


So if you're tired of taking multivitamins that stick together at the bottom of the container and provide minimal absorption with a weird and fishy aftertaste, then ancestral feast is for you!  

Where can I order Ancestral Feast?

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Step 3: Then your order of Ancestral Feast will ship out from Christian’s house in a day or two and you will be on the path to undoing years of abuse to your body because of the modern diet. 


Limited inventory–Only 3 Big Jars per household!


Longevity Power is a small business run by Christian himself so his sales and inventory are often limited, and he can’t guarantee that Ancestral Feast will be in stock for long.

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You’re Covered By a No-Hassle “Love It Or It's On Us” 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order of Ancestral Feast, then you may return your order within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.


We’re that confident you’ll enjoy the quality and taste!


— many of our buyers are impressed by the quality stating they feel like it's worth thousands of dollars.


….But if you don't like it, then we will refund your money, every penny, and won't hold it against you. 

What Are People Saying About Ancestral Feast?

Shannon D.

Verified Buyer

"Awesome For Kids!"

"This product makes it so easy to beef up my kid’s food! I add it to mac & cheese, sprinkle it on veggies and let them devour it! Now they won’t eat their veggies with Ancestral feast."

Mark R.

Verified Buyer

"Tastes sooo good!"

"I have been mixing it with my ground beef and the taste is incredible! I love the fact I'm still getting all vital nutrients even when I'm not eating the healthiest!"

Carol C.

Verified Buyer

"For Whole Family"

"I have so much energy, my kids have so much energy and even my husband feels a lot younger and more fit than before! We can't get enough of it in our household!"

Get vitamins, minerals & amino acids.

Grass fed & pasture raised beef.

2 teaspoons= ½ oz of fresh organs.

Tastes delicious.

Limited Time - Save 40%

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