Longevity Adaptogens

Longevity Adaptogens

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16 of the world’s greatest superfoods and herbs concentrated into the ultimate elixir of health!

Let’s face it: Life bombards us with all kinds of stress. The modern world demands that we either adapt or degrade and age. Fortunately, nature has your back!

Longevity Adaptogens is the most comprehensive herbal wellness and performance formula ever! It’s a powerhouse blend of humanity’s most revitalizing and deeply energizing adaptogens: Ancient sacred plant and mushroom extracts that help your body and brain thrive amidst adversity so you can live at your best!


  • Stress resilience: A true adaptogen formula, it provides your body the cellular nutrition it needs to thrive amidst stressors.
  • Mood, energy and focus: Recharges your body and brain with a diverse array of highly-concentrated compounds, including brain-boosting lion's mane mushroom triterpenes which have been shown to boost nerve growth factor.
  • Immune-health and cellular protection: Defend every cell with a full suite of immune-strengthening medicinal mushroom beta-glucans and triterpenes.
  • Cellular longevity: Contains a compound in astragalus root called astragaloside IV which is associated with helping maintain telomere length and healthy DNA replication. 
  • Athletic performance: Longevity Adaptogens is your new favorite junk-free, stimulant-free but enduringly energizing workout, anti-fatigue, recovery-boosting, elite-level fitness ingredient. An unfair advantage for sure.
  • Paleo and Keto-friendly: Our extraction processes removes simple sugars and starches and concentrates the active compounds responsible for these 16 adaptogens' benefits.

  • Easy to use + tastes awesome: Versatile water-soluble instant-dark-roast-coffee-like-taste (100% caffeine-free) extract powder you can use to upgrade any food or drink into a performance-boosting life-enhancing recipe like an absolutely adaptable boss!

Your ancestors thrived on the daily use of adaptogenic herbs.

For 1,000 generations, every human culture perfected the use of local fauna and flora and recorded how each promoted health, yet only a few substances were revered as the most powerful for daily use. Longevity Adaptogens is comprised of humanity’s best of the best time-tested plants and mushrooms.

Staple wellness herbs from Asia, performance boosting Ayurvedic herbs from India, mood-lifting immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms from Siberia, powerhouse plants from Pacific coastal traditions have all been cast through space and time to arrive in your hands, now.

At Longevity Power, we collect only the highest quality superfoods and herbs from trusted sources, prepared using only the most leading-edge extraction methods – a quality you can FEEL in every spoonful.

No time in history has humanity desperately needed access to the health and vigor that our ancestor’s once knew, than now!


Ingredients: 100% Potent full-spectrum adaptogen extracts, formulated for improving wellness, performance and stress resilience so you can feel good and do good all day long.


A no-fluff instant-water-soluble powdered drink mix!


How to use: Mix in pure water, shakes, elixirs, teas, juices, milks, soups, healthy desserts and chocolate. Longevity Adaptogens combines together perfectly with other Longevity Power products. Have fun and live long!

In summary, Longevity Adaptogens is the most potent, pure and deliciously convenient way to consume the full gamut of adaptogens every day to experience your most thriving state of health possible!


Cheers to you taking big effective strides and fully thriving on your health journey,








Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.