The Ready For Action Elixir

The Ready For Action Elixir

Do you start your morning with liquid nutrition that gets your body and brain feeling like it's firing on all cylinders?

Does your morning beverage get you hydrated, fueled, and ready for peak action without breaking your overnight fast or leaving you starving?

Are you satisfied with your old morning energy sources or are you ready to Up.Your.Game!?

I had been experimenting with morning nutrition beverages for so long, but each one I tried eventually bottommed out on me.

Green juice left me spacey and contained too many inflammatory oxalates and other plant toxins.

Coffee and caffeinated teas - these work great for some - but for me they contain too much caffeine feeling and not enough inner calm feeling.

I eventually started to make algae elixirs and home made teas with Chinese herbs. I was getting closer to an elixir that worked for my body...

Then, 10 years ago, shortly before launching Longevity Power, I mixologically made my way to my Ready For Action Elixir recipe!

This is the original 2 flagship Longevity Power products converted into mouth-watering elixir form: Pure water and 41 adaptogenic herbs with extra black maca.

Make a life-enhancing elixir designed to:

  1. Load your cells with adaptogenic nutrition (adaptogenic: stress-smashing, performance-boosting, nourishing, sustainable, no stimulants) so you can conquer your day and life like a boss!
  2. Taste addictively exquisite yet satisfying.
  3. Hydrate you while soothing your gut (unlike coffee!)

The Ready For Action Elixir Recipe

Blend on high in any blender for 10 seconds or shake vigorously in a large shaker bottle or mason jar:

3 to 4 cups spring water or the purest water you can get

2 teaspoons Maca Bliss (this is a double dose, feel free to start with less!)

1 teaspoon Longevity in a Bottle (or Epic Mushrooms)

1/8 teaspoon, or more to taste, stevia extract powder (I love NOW Organic Better Stevia powder)

1/8 teaspoon sea salt, or more

OPTIONAL: add vanilla extract, flavored stevia liquid, or creamed coffee!

Pour into a mason jar or shaker bottle, drink half of it right away, and enjoy sipping on the rest to hydrate and keep your energy up for hours! I will save some to drink with my first meal of the day so that I'm getting even more adaptogenic nutrition in while I get calories in too. Properly fueled for the win! 

Get more details on how to get adaptogens in without breaking your fast here.

Blend up more ideas for your foundational adaptogen elixir here (This also includes a chart showing how other morning beverages just can't compete with a strong mason jar/shaker bottle of Longevity Power elixir!)

With love,
Christian Bates
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