Is Liver Adaptogenic?

Is Liver Adaptogenic?



Do organ meats such as grass fed beef liver offer similar adaptogenic benefits as that of herbal adaptogens like ashwagandha and maca roots, or cordyceps and reishi mushrooms?

This is actually a huge topic that I'd love to drip to you in bite-sized pieces over the coming weeks.

You ready?

The short answer is yes.

Or maybe. It depends on how we define our terms.


Adaptogen definition


I use the term adaptogen quite often because functional herbs is not yet as searched of a term.

But functional is a better, more accurate, and more widely accepted term than adaptogenic.

Many have recently replaced the term medicinal mushrooms with functional mushrooms, which I think is helpful.

But still, we run into a language issue. Technically any food can provide nourishment that helps your body naturally adapt to stress and function better, even if only usually to a very small degree.

So - terms of categorizations aside - what I'm truly interested in are natural substances that have an extraordinary set of specific measurable effects way beyond the norm because of the measurable substances in them.


Beef Liver FTW!


Liver - even in small to moderate doses - has an extraordinary set of highly bioavailable, utilizable nutrients:

  • Nature’s most concentrated source of immune-strengthening, eye-nourishing retinol (preformed vitamin A)
  • All the energizing, nerve-calming B vitamins in abundance, particularly vitamin B12 and folic acid
  • A highly usable form of iron
  • Trace minerals such as copper, zinc and chromium
  • Purines - nitrogen-rich precursors for DNA
  • CoQ10, a crucial nutrient for cardio-vascular function
  • Complete high-quality protein
  • An as-yet-unidentified anti-fatigue factor

The Anti-Fatigue Factor

This anti-fatigue factor was originally described by Benjamin K. Ershoff, PhD, in a July 1951 article published in the Proceedings for the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine.

In Ershoff's experiment he fed 3 groups of lab rats different diets for several weeks. The first group was fed a control diet fortified with 11 vitamins, the second group had additional B vitamins, and the third group's diet was 10% powdered liver.

Each rat was individually placed in a cold tub of water where it was forced to swim or sink. The first 2 groups swam for an average 13 and a half minutes. Every rat in the 3rd group swam for over an hour and most made it to 2 hours when the experiment was terminated.

Food as Medicine

There are dozens of other studies on liver and organ meats where the results are shocking like that.

I'd love to open your eyes as mine were to the remarkable possibilities of nutrition so often left out and forgotten by our zany modern world.

Some of my customers reached out to me a bit perplexed why Longevity Power was suddenly offering animal-based products after focusing exclusively on adaptogenic plants and mushrooms for 10 years.

It's because both categories are longevity foods and deserve to have the highest quality and most convenient versions of them available on the market.

Upon realizing the extraordinary, time-tested, widely-researched benefits of both adaptogens and animal-based nutrition and then experiencing the benefits over time for myself, I choose to deliver to you the most possible benefits from these forgotten-to-the-mainstream yet foundational primal sources of real nourishment so you can feel better, do better, and live your best life every day.

Liver, the Adaptogen?

At the very least, adaptogens and organ meats do overlap into a shared category of highly functional nutrition that delivers extraordinary benefits to the human body. The benefits of liver rein supreme whether we call it an adaptogen or not.

The nutritional potency and whole-body resiliency benefits of liver - in our case the highest quality 100% grass fed and finished low-temperature processed freeze-dried beef liver and other organs - can be yours without the chore of sourcing, storing, prepping, or chewing fresh liver with my new Longevity Power ancestral line of surprisingly smooth/mild flavored primal instant powders (full benefits preserved.)

Grab yourself some anti-fatigue factor today:



Cheers to you taking your health and life to greater heights and thriving!🔥

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