How I Made My Beast Mode Workouts Effortless

How I Made My Beast Mode Workouts Effortless

I could barely run down a hill without my knees giving out. My thoracic (mid spine) felt deflated which collapsed my natural posture. And I was only in my mid 20s...

Then, 7 years ago, I hit the gym running: Within 6 months of a consistent weight training routine, I had satisfying muscle growth 'newbie gains' and created muscular balance in my knees which means I can stampede down mountains like a tank now. Rows (like in the picture of me above) and other back exercises helped my shoulders sit rolled back without me having to think about it as much and my chest stands proud.

In fact, I launched Longevity Power a year before I made my gym and strength practice official. Having a premium stash of endurance and performance-boosting adaptogens (what we specialize in here) around sure made a difference.
I have never taken one of those high-caffeine pre-workout powders. Although I am a fan of taking creatine and other amino acids and supplements, I get my caffeine-free workout energy boost from adaptogens like Maca Bliss and Epic Mushrooms. (If you love caffeine, then just combine your caffeine with adaptogens to crank up your beastliness even more and to help curb the caffeine come-down.)

My weight training routine quickly became the most straight forward, daily automatic, fun practice of my life so far (which is saying a lot given the 1000's of hours I've put into nutrition, cooking, piano and yoga.) Almost everything else I do in my life has so much more thinking, trials, tribulations, uncertainty and failures - which is normal by the way.

I still challenge myself and dig deep to push through the last bits of enduring beast modes. I still have old injuries I have to care for and use lighter weights. However, I know that at the gym I've found flow.

On the days I'd rather just not drive, home workouts have become more automatic too. Even though it's trickier to hit every part of the muscle group I'm working that day since I don't have much equipment at home, and since the 2020 lockdowns when my gym closed forced me to get creative, I've figured out how to get some killer home and outdoor workouts in that don't leave me wishing I had gone to the gym. Check out my bodyweight leg workout (brutal but simple!) on Instagram.

If the gym and high intensity home workouts sound scary to you, just know that if you deeply desire results (be physically and mentally stronger, balance hormones, correct injuries, exude more sexiness, intelligence boost with the mind-muscle connection, and so much more!) and are willing to spend a little time each day learning the basic exercises with good form and progressive overload, you can awaken the brainy swoleness within. Only takes 5% of your day. What's holding you back?💪🦵

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With love,
Christian Bates

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