Total Wellbeing Mastery Stack

Total Wellbeing Mastery Stack

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Be the most well-equipped, ancestrally nourished, mood-uplifted, high-performing health maestro with the Total Wellbeing Mastery Bundle.

Your health is your most valuable asset. Unleash it! 

You will receive each of our entire 12 signature formula collection to fuel your life for total health and performance optimization every day.

Our full suite of ancestral nutrition, adaptogens and functional mushrooms is designed to:

🧠 Boost mood, focus & cognitive function
🥩 Restore your body's essential nutrient levels & improve metabolic function
🏋️ Increase mental & physical endurance with no crash
💆 Optimize hormone levels, calm nerves, improve sleep & build resiliency to stress
🦠 Strengthen your state of wellness & immune health
🤩 Help you feel better than ever!

Discover Ancestral Feast

Discover Thrive Beef Liver & Bone Broth Powder 

Discover Longevity Adaptogens

Discover Epic Mushrooms

Discover Radiance Beauty Adaptogens

Discover Epic Lion's Mane

Discover Epic Reishi

Discover Epic Maca

Discover Glow He Shou Wu

Discover Levity Red Asparagus

Discover Pearl Beauty

Discover Epic Goji


Cheers to you taking your health and life to greater heights and thriving!🔥

-Christian Bates

Longevity Christian

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