Mind Mastery Starter Pack Bundle

Mind Mastery Starter Pack Bundle

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  Fuel your brain like a focused ancestral biohacker with nature's nootropic stack of nerve-healing mushrooms, cognitive-energy boosting animal-based mineral-rich and micronutrient-rich organs, and mood-uplifting adaptogens in the Mind Mastery Bundle. 

Your mind is a gift that needs fine-tuned nourishment to unleash its potential.

You will receive each of our 3 most brain-boosting formulas Epic MushroomsLongevity Adaptogens, and Ancestral Feast to improve your mental and physical performance every day.

Our mind-expanding suite of ancestral nutrition, adaptogens and functional mushrooms is designed to:

🧠 Boost mood, focus & cognitive function
🍄 Maximize nerve growth factor & calm nerves
💆 Optimize hormone levels, build resiliency to stress, & improve sleep
🥩 Restore your body's essential nutrient levels & improve metabolic function
🏋️ Increase mental & physical endurance with no crash
🦠 Strengthen your state of wellness & immune health
🤩 Help you feel better than ever!

Discover Ancestral Feast

Discover Longevity Adaptogens

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Cheers to you taking your health and life to greater heights and thriving!🔥

-Christian Bates

Christian Bates with Longevity Adaptogens